11 Nov 2019




To do something special on Saturday I had looked through the list of the most special and famous  cafés, bars, or brasseries, in Brussels, because we wanted to go there.  I for my photos and my two friends by curiosity. And ....  I had discovered something for me (but for the others too) a café for cat lovers.

We were full of anticipation to have a coffee and a Brussels waffle in this cat café in company of about 10 cats. I don't know exactly.

There was a terrible traffic on Saturday but finally we managed to arrive there at 3.30 ! We had to ring at the door, so that somebody could open us and no cat could escape. A very friendly lady opened and told us that the cafe was full and there was no seats available anymore. We were very disappointed, stood there with long faces and decided to come back another day and then during the week and not on a weekend.

I just could take this photo from outside  and standing on the tip of my toes I looked through the window to see the cats. Indeed the place was full.

As I couldn't take any photos, I stole them from Internet to give you an idea how it looks like.

It must be really nice. We returned home and stopped in a beautiful "Art Deco" Brasserie, where in my disappointment I forgot to take pictures ! the Art work of the stained glasses was so nice ! We can always go back there in summer.

On Sunday as all shops are closed, we had the good idea to go in the only area in Brussels where the shops are open and it's a long street with one shop besides the other where you can buy everything from a nail to a wedding dress. I would say nearly all the shops were owned by Moroccans.

It took us half an hour to find a parking and then we went to "our" Moroccan restaurant. I had lentils with lamb, absolutely delicious. Then we started with our shopping. I needed trousers and a coat.

This gives you an idea of the "Rue de Brabant" where you can shop to your hearts content and with a nearly empty wallet.

The three others needed spices, pullovers, shoes and also trousers.

There are people from the Netherlands, France and Germany coming because the prices are unbelievable cheap, there are so many special clothes, and beautiful decoration stuff.  Of course it is an Arabic street with women wearing scarfs men sitting in front of their house and as the sun was shining it was almost as if we were in Morocco.

After two hours we had our shopping done and had a lot of fun with the shop owners, they are all so cheerful, no stress and so friendly. I found a red coat, exactly what I was looking for because I needed one for next Saturday when we celebrate our 50 wedding anniversary in the City Hall of Waterloo with the mayor.

We were all happy with what we had bought and returned home, but we stopped in a Bar on our way home to have a beer because we were really thirsty and in this street there is no alcohol at all.

It had been a very nice day. My friends were happy that I "dare" driving in Brussels, because they don't. There is indeed a lot of traffic and a lot of crazy drivers. But I like it.


  1. It's not too hard driving in big cities if you know where you are going, or have sat nav.

  2. That was disappointing for you but you sure made up for it in that exciting shopping street. Bravo for daring to drive in the city. I don't do it often because Bill always drives and now I'm not so confident as i used to be. However i'm okay in the southern suburbs.

  3. Aww too bad you couldn't get in the cat café. The place sure looks wonderful and I hope you can visit one day :-)

  4. If you like crazy drivers you should come here!. Happy anniversary to you and Mr G. You were married the same year as my in-laws. They celebrate 50 years on Christmas Day.

  5. Hopefully you get into the cat cafe sometime soon.


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