13 Nov 2019


My friend prepared a Moroccan mint tea ! Delicious !

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After our scrabble our friend served us a Moroccan mint tea, with delicious little cookies and crepes. The crepes you could either eat with creamy cheese or  with butter and honey. The crepes are very thin you can almost look through and you have to make several layers.

As you can see the teapot is freshly polished and the tea is served in special glasses. When serving, she poured the first glass half full and poured it back into the tea pot. Then she held the pot as high as possible and poured the hot tea into the glasses. The tea is made with fresh mint leaves, green tea and some spices.

I never drink mint tea, I don't like it, but this one is really delicious and I even had 2 or 3 glasses with the cookies and crepes. Of course none of us had supper !

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  1. The whole event looks beautiful. we are going to visit Morocco for the first time this spring. I will have to sample some tea!

  2. I imagine it could be quite strong.

  3. I'm not a tea drinker. I prefer coffee. But I would like to try mint tea.

  4. crepes is something i like very much.
    Coffee is on

  5. I do like mint tea, the way it is served in North Africa. I had it in Marrakesh as well as in Tunis and Algiers. Now I don’t remember if there was a difference and which one was the best, they all tasted delicious I think. As for crepes, well my mother and grandmother made very good ones. They have different ones in Brittany, made from what we call “sarrasin” in French – I think buckwheat or black wheat, on large stove and they are thin like lace. Your tea party must have been fun.

  6. What a fun, tasty event and "show."
    I'd love to try this sometime.

  7. I’d love to try that...like you, not really an herbal tea fan, but maybe I have just not tried it properly prepared like your friend did. The crepes sound amazing. .... I had a great time catching up with you....tried not to make too many comments and bore you to death , but I enjoyed everything.


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