15 Nov 2019


The week started with pouring rain and we were happy that we could play our Scrabble in the warm living room of Myriam. I was third this time out of five which was a little better, but honestly I don't care to be the first or the last, the most important is the fun of playing ! After our scrabble we had a special treat, a Moroccan afternoon tea see post here.

I felt so tired and without any energy on Tuesday, so that even picking up a crumb was too much work. I just prepared the decoration things for our Golden Wedding on Saturday. The TV was also a good company. And to make my day even "better" I found out that the company where I had ordered the new TV furniture was bankrupt and my money was lost. There were many other clients too, but unfortunately nothing to do. It really had been a rotten day !

Aqua gym was nice, our animator just became a proud Dad 3 weeks ago and is beaming of proud and of course he has the most beautiful baby boy in the world. He makes us grandmas smile, we have had all this behind us !

As my grandson is also coming for our Golden Wedding and has his birthday just on Sunday, I had bought his birthday gift, don't ask me what it is it's a Nintendo game. But I also needed something for St. Claus on December 6, which is a very important day for Dutch kids and is more celebrated in the Netherlands then Christmas. I was looking for a nice pullover a bit fancy as he likes that, found one but not really for winter so I have to go into another shop.

On my way back home I stopped at Nichole's and we had a coffee and a chat together, while the neighbor's Labrador was with us, otherwise he is always alone because his owner is working and Nicole takes him out when she can. The dog was very friendly and adopted me immediately. Cat Isis sat on the windowsill and had a disgusted look on him. She doesn't seem to be afraid, Isis has a lot of character !

Queen Isis

A few girls were missing in our painting class many have a cold no wonder in this humid weather.
I discovered my "pouring" it had changed while it dried. I was quite happy with the result you never know what is coming out.

I started a new one, I just love pouring especially in this dull and grey season, colors cheer up !

I have to cover myself because it's  around with acrylic colours. But that's fun for me and let me forget all worries. But it's not something to do for a person who wants to know exactly what they are doing ! Here I choose the colors, mix them and pour them over the canvas, and then I have to wait a week to see what has come out ! So far I haven't been disappointed.

After class four of us went to the Chinese Restaurant "all you can eat" and came out almost exploding !

When I came home the tree in the middle of our useless roundabout had lost most of its leaves and looked so beautiful

more participants at Susanne at Living to tell the Story.


Andrew said...

Always pay for things that cost a lot with a credit card and your bank will eventually reimburse you for your loss as it was not supply of what you paid for. Rest up before your full on weekend. Toby will be now nine?

Wow, did your Not a Robot check mark just put me through hoops, having to click multiple images four times. Clearly I added this later, and then had to do it twice again. Finally I have the check mark.

Andrew said...

Then it happened again, five times I had to choose images. This is absurd. And now I can't say this until I do more picture selection.

Tamago said...

Happy early birthday to your grandson and I hope we get to see photos from your Golden Wedding :-)
Your pouring artwork is beautiful. Lovely colors to cheer up a grey season!

William Kendall said...

Colourful art, and it's always a treat to see Isis.

Wendy said...

Another lovely picture. Sorry about the TV but yes, did you pay by credit card? Not sure how protected you are if the company goes bust but worth checking. I hope you have a lovely celebration this weekend and happy birthday to Toby.

Barbara Harper said...

Oh, that's awful about the company going bankrupt! As others have said, if you paid by credit card, you can contest the charge. Hopefully some recourse will be allowed for you, or at least you'll get the furniture you paid for.

I'm looking forward to hearing about the 50th anniversary celebration! And happy birthday to Toby!

Susanne said...

Oh my goodness, I am sorry about your loss of funds through that bankrupt company! Did you pay with credit card, if so maybe they can do something?

I can imagine how relaxing and fun it must be to do those pour paintings. And I had no idea that they change as they dry. I feel the same way about color in the grey months of winter.

Enjoy your anniversary celebration and Happy Birthday to your grandson.

Susan @ FruitfulWords said...

Oh, no. You have had a rotten week. So sorry about your lagging energy and losing the money on your new furniture. That is rotten luck.
Good luck on finding just the right pull over for your grandson. Hopefully you won’t have to go to too many shops to find one you like.
Your pouring painting is quite lively. I can see why it would be a cheery thing to do a dull, grey
I hope this coming week brings many, many, many blessings.
Susan from FruitfulWords.com

Willow said...

Oh dear. What a week. BUT, you have so much to look forward to this weekend with two parties--for you and Mr. G and for your grandson. Enjoy!