19 Nov 2016


Yes is a tricky word ! It can bring you in the most unpleasant situations. Imagine you say yes with sparkling eyes and a happy smile on your face in front of the pastor, and 3 month later you say "yes" with a sour face to a divorce. Maybe it will last a bit long or even forever but still it is a dangerous yes and has to be thought over very carefully.

Then you have the politicians they say "Yes we can" and then after a while they realize they can't because there is the opposition which says "No" to everything which seems to be a good idea. Others promise "Yes I will make America great again", forgetting that we are not in the wild west anymore and immigrants are not welcome at all, before they needed it to win land, kill the natives and look for gold, but these times are gone. That's the same with "Yes" I am for the Brexit, forgetting that the UK is all alone without its Commonwealth and therefore there is no common wealth anymore and we all need each other.

Since I was a child I have learned that it is better to say "No" first, think the question over carefully and change your mind into "yes" if convenient. That's far better than to change a yes into a no. That doesn't sound so good.

Saying "yes", the opposite to "no" is far easier. No problems, no discussions, no fights with yes ! and the opposite of course with "no". Therefore those who want to stay always in peace with everybody and agree to everything, they should always say "yes". But please note that it can be dangerous !

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Andrew said...

You made me think of two instances. One was when I had a discussion with a public transport person who said the best way to wake up someone asleep on public transport is to be tough and nasty, until you find out who you are dealing with. You can always be nice later.

The other was when I was with an acquaintance in a supermarket. He was so nasty and demanding of the serving person in the delicatessen initially, but by the time he had ordered what he wanted, they were the best of friends. He blew her a kiss as we left and called out, ciao darling.

So from these examples, I agree, it is better to say no first and later saying yes is a positive thing.

Mara said...

Ooh, a difficult one this. Always saying no first and then changing your mind afterwards might be seen as indecisive or a push-over. Which is not good either!

Mary said...

Yes, it's important to be able to say "no"!

Tamago said...

Oh that's interesting! I never given thought to the word "yes." But I can see changing from no to yes is much easier than the opposite way.
At work, instead of saying "yes', I say "I'll check it" quite often. I try not to jump to "yes" without giving thoughts or fact check!

Linda Hill said...

It's important to be careful about these things! :)

Loree said...

I agree that it's easier to turn a no into a yes.