15 Nov 2016


The Waterloo Tennis exists since the 70th, and during the years has become a very nice building and of course was extended. There are now 11 courts (6 indoor and 5 outdoor) in summer. It also contents a fitness room. But that's not all there are many other activities especially organized for seniors. There is the Brussels Royal Polyglot Association for people who have a good knowledge of a language and want to practise and improve. It is not a school where one learns a language, but conversation tables where people talk together in a pleasant social environment that offers, in addition, the possibility of making new friends and have a lot of fun.

Besides that, there is also a Scrabble Club and a Whist Club, where Mr. G. uses to play twice a week. There are also other activities, especially during school holidays.

From outside

The entrance

The reception

The bar

Here you can sit and have a drink and watch the players

Inside Tennis courts right and left

There is also a very nice restaurant


For the kids

You can hardly see the white bubble which contains a Tennis court for when it rains. When the sun is shining there are tennis courts in the open with  terraces for the spectators.

And last but not least the fridge for the poor, which is been filled in by whoever wants to and in the plastic boxes there are cans with soup and vegetables etc. Those who are hungry can pick up what they need.

more participants here


Mara said...

Were you planning to take up tennis?

mamasmercantile said...

Certainly looks like a great place for socializing.

Andrew said...

A great venue, by the look of it.

Lady Fi said...

Love the fridge with food in for people who need it!

Summer said...

Lovely venue ♥

Linda said...

It looks like a clean and well organized place. Fun, too.

Linens and Royals said...

Something for everyone one at this venue, I like it.

Wendy said...

A great venue that has clearly seen the need to offer more than just tennis facilities.