15 Apr 2024



Lunch time !

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On Saturday it was a dream weather ! 23° and after lunch I went in the park sat in the sun and purred !

Suddenly I saw  a small truck that was unloading a lot of stuff and that was later put together as a big tent. 

Waterloo city had started to build up the tents and everything necessary for the Sunday's dog show and promenade ! For the first time the departure and the arrival took place in our park. So we had a lot to see the whole day !

We watched how they put up two enclosures for the dogs to run free and distress, before the promenade started.

When Saturday evening I looked out of my window I saw one big enclosure ready !

Now they were ready for the next day's reception of all dogs and their owners !


and the entrance tent too ! Here the owners of the dogs got a number and a map as guide for the walk and dog shows in two other parks.

at 2 pm sharp they started arriving !

of course there were  barks of greeting and then they all sniffed each other properly.

and here I saw the first Corgi in real and not with Elisabeth on photos ! I had thought they would be much smaller but this one looked like a German Shepherd dog whose legs had been cut off. 

As I approached he stood up and ran towards me as if he had known me his whole life. Unfortunately, he almost pulled his owner off her bench! He tried to climb onto my lap, but couldn't because he was too big. Luckily I had my jeans on! So it was love at first sight and I told the owner that I probably had royal blood in my veins, but that my name wasn't Elisabeth. We all laughed, they are really funny dogs.

This one was not so keen for a walk and preferred to stay with us.

And then they started their promenade to the next meeting point. There was also a police demonstration in another park but I had had my dose of dogs. 

I don't know what kind of dog he is, but he looked really uncombed. He also came to me to be petted and it was difficult to find his eyes ! 

From the arrival we didn't see very much, not to disturb the residents the bar where the dogs drank water and their owners beer, was on the other end of the park. 

Isabelle came to visit me and watch the dog arrival, I have to say I had a real nice weekend and we were so lucky that the sun was shining !



  1. Your description of the Corgi breed made me laugh.
    I know the breed of the dog in the last photo but I can't immediately think of it.

  2. Lots of interesting things happen at your home. How nice it was to see the sun and so many people and dogs.

  3. Maybe that big black dog is a Bouvier des Flandres?

    What a fun day you had! We had lovely weather here, too. About 26C.

  4. Looks like bunch good puppy dogs.


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