12 Apr 2024


On Monday I woke up because I dreamed that I was in a schoolyard. But even when I was awake, the chatter and noise continued. I looked out of the window and didn't see anything. But the noise continued and then I opened my door and saw a group of teenagers standing in my neighbor's room demanding chocolate eggs. It was the last class from the school kids who had come 3 days to pick up their chocolate eggs. While the little ones didn't make any noise or mess, the older ones were loud and had a great time, playing foot. Apparently they forgot where they were and that not all residents appreciated this visit. Then they disappeared. I wonder where the teacher was. Later I heard that usually the little ones are noisy and not tall guys and girls from 12 years on. 

The next day, I saw a lady walking in our park and picked up papers and other dirt, the big ones had left while the little ones had put all little papers in the bin. 

As usual the weather didn't know what it wanted, so we had to play inside bowling which was very nice as the room is huge and used for all activities. restaurant, meetings, games, guests, etc. and I thought it is the first time in my life that I play bowling under Crystal chandeliers. My ball landed everywhere fortunately not in the glasses behind the bar but didn't knock down the keys ! And who won ? The 99 year old lady sitting in her wheelchair. Maybe I should try with a wheel chair. 

The sun had come out for a short time and I quickly bought my grapes and oranges and just arrived in time to play a very interesting brain training game, which had the funny name Tic Tac Boom ! 

3 letters were given for example COT and we had to find words in this case it could be cottage. It was amazing how many words we found and it was also a lot of fun. 

The next day there was a clothing sale, a kind of fashion show without a model. When I saw the lady who sold the trousers, skirts and blouses, I didn't like her I had a warn signal in my body and I was right, she had very expensive prices for things I could buy on the weekly market here for less then the half of the price. The things I had seen here on the market for 15 € and she wanted 50 !! It was a cheap polyester fabric and she praised the good quality. I didn't stay because I feared that I would open my mouth and tell her what I thought.

Especially those like my little Italian lady who has no idea of prices anymore and is a bit confused. She was the favorite victim and bought and bought, fortunately she had no money, but her children who pay for her will certainly refuse. I thought somebody should have watched over these residents. Before I exploded I escaped and walked my half an hour in the park ! I will tell the responsible what happened, later !

Over night, really all trees had gotent green leaves, tulips came out and other flowers and it looks very pretty. Unfortunately it's not so good for my lungs and instead of making my daily walk in one shot, I had to sit down because I was breathless. 

and over night

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Today it is a sad day for me. Rick would have celebrated his 83 birthday

Happy Birthday wherever you are


  1. A poignant day for you. Hugs from across the ocean!

    So I guess the blessings in your week were that you didn't succumb to wasting money and that you had a nice park walk!!

  2. I'm amazed they let people come in and sell to the residents without checking them out first. It's too easy for them to get taken advantage of.

    That's funny that the lady in the wheelchair won bowling.

    I hope you have lovely memories today.

  3. I hope you told the staff about the woman and her expensive prices - she shouldn't be allowed to take advantage of people.
    I hope your day passes serenely and you're able to remember the good times with Rick.

  4. A sad day for you but try to remember the fun you both used to have.

  5. That is a nice picture of Rick. Looks like you had a nice week. The weather here has been sunny all week, but rain is on its way. It does make things nice and green. Too bad the kids made noise. We have a school nearby and I can hear the kids play at recess. It reminds me of when I was in grade school. Have a nice weekend!

  6. Happy Birthday to Rick. Those days are hard. Hugs from Ohio.
    Yes, do let the people responsible know that the clothes seller does not have good quality and charges too much.
    I think all of us in the northern hemisphere are very happy that spring is here and there are green leaves and flowers.
    Enjoy a hopefully sunny weekend.

  7. Happy Heavenly Birthday to your Rick.
    We have almost full on spring here, now too...finally! It was sunny and about 26C!
    I hope the nice weather keeps up for you, and the rain only comes during the nights....hah, as if!!
    Good thing you were not fooled by that lady trying to sell her wares at outrageous prices.

    Have a good week ahead!

  8. I'm late getting around to commenting. Always hard on days like birthdays and anniversaries when you've lost someone. I hope your weather has been better so you can continue to get out for a walk. There always seems to be things going on in your castle but the sales lady definitely doesn't need to come again. I hope you told those in charge.

  9. Wow, I can't believe how green it is.

  10. Those special dates never stop reminding us -- I'm glad the memories it brings are good ones! We've had something similar to that traveling fashion show come here to the winter resort where we live in the season. Over priced and inferior quality. (This is a 55+ park but all independent living, still there are always some people who will spend money every chance they get, even when they should know better. Your little neighbor couldn't know any better, I hope her children do stop the payment.


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