8 Apr 2024




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On  Saturday the whole personnel of the castle from the cleaners and gardeners to the management brought their children for an egg hunting ! It was really funny how excited the little ones were with their baskets in their hands. 

We had the occasion to see our nurses and the others without uniform and they presented us their children. A little girl brought me a little bouquet of dandelions and a little boy an Easter egg, I didn't know them and felt like Princess Kate who gets on her knees and receives gifts from the children !

Everybody had a lot of fun and the park was a wonderful place for Easter egg hunting !

A very tall nurse played the Easter bunny I didn't recognize her only later she told me who was in the bunny costume !

a resident friend and I sat in the sunshine, we had unbelievable good weather 24° !! and watched the kids running around and bringing the eggs to a grandma or great grandma !

Everybody helps to find the chocolate eggs !

The ambiance !

At 5 they all left, leaving a mess behind, not paper or cans but the chairs and tables were all over the terrace and park. I was very tired and was at 8.30 in my bed, but couldn't fall asleep ! I think around 2 I finally made it.

On Sunday the temperature had dropped to 15°C no wonder that people get colds ! I did my papers, payed my invoice and then went down for the activities. We played Bowling ! I won twice and another "girl" 92 too ! In fact we didn't play so badly ! We had to play inside in our huge restaurant with keys and balls made out of foam rubber. I didn't even know that such a bowling exists and we had to get used first. But for playing inside it is really great. 

 This is Philipp who won three times !

Rosie was surprised that over night the trees became green and little birds were singing. She also watched the man who always feeds the 3 cats just opposite the window ! That's her TV !

This is a miracle ! Yesterday this bush had just tiny little green leaves and look what it became over night !


  1. How lovely to feel some warmth on your skin at last. The Easter egg hunt was lots of fun for everybody.

  2. 24Cm is so lovely!
    We were about 10C...and it rained. April Showers!

    Spring is blooming forth at your Castle Park!

  3. What a lovely day everyone had and how nice to see the sun.

  4. Omg the cats are soooo cute, and it looks like you had a lovely Easter! Hope you have an awesome spring season!

    xoxo, Midori


  5. Awww on all the kitties and especially Rosie. She's most beautiful.

    I'm glad you had fun watching the little ones search for Easter eggs. I've not done that in some years, but it is fun.

    I had no idea there was this type of bowling. How fun.

    Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Awww Monday and week, Gattina. Scritches to Rosie. ♥

  6. It been a while since I seen the easter bunny.


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