3 Jun 2010


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I am still in Morocco for another two days ! So I thought I take you on a little tour through a very beautiful and old residential quarter in Rabat the capital of Morocco.


our group starting the tour. All houses are blue and white and the streets so narrow that no car can get through


It all looks so fresh and light


Pots with plants in front of the doors and a little boy watching us tourists !


A modern telephone and satellite dishes on the roofs !


carpets hanging out to dry in the sun


beautiful tiles as a separation between the blue and the white


flowers hanging everywhere


The most beautiful garbage container I have ever seen !


Green bridges from house to house and the streets are of cobble stones


behind houses are built and things restored.


quiet a lot of steps are leading you up and down through a white and blue labyrinth



and after our walk a well earned break with the traditional mint tea !


Anonymous said...

I love that architecture of the building. And the color. It's awesome. But the best photo is the last one. :)

The Chair Speaks said...

Agree with Thom whole-heartedly. Best photo is the last - tired but happy faces!

I am Harriet said...

When I look at European buildings like that I wonder how people lived in them hundreds of years ago.

Have a great day!

Journeywoman said...

Lovely pictures! You make me want to go right now!

Irishcoda said...

Thanks for that tour. You look great!

Self Sagacity said...

wish I was there~ Looks like a lot of fun.

Loree said...

Beautiful blues and whites. Interesting series of photos too.

nannykim said...

So interesting! Couldn't you steal that garbage box and ship it to me? Mint tea--sounds good.

Jia & Accolan said...

Wonderful photos. Enjoy the rest of your stay.

Melli said...

That is QUITE a garbage container! I thought it was painted, but when I bigged it to get a closer look it is covered in FABRIC! I hope no garbage "juices" get spilled on it -- then it would really stink!

I love the crispness of the blue & white color everywhere! It really is beautiful.

claudie said...

Pierre has one brother and two sisters who were born in Rabbat.My mother and father inlaw lived there several years before going to Algery!!! Love the blue and white of the streets!!!

Divaa Divine said...

wow - a sight for sore eyes and a craving vacation :)

thanks for the share!


Lifecruiser Travel Blog said...

Ah... the happiness of sightseeing accomplished showing in your faces! I had no idea Rabat looked like that, it's lovely! Reminding me about Greece with it's blue and white, but yet different.

Interesting that Pierres parents has lived there.