6 Aug 2010


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1. On Saturday I noticed that our garden looked like a dandelion field and not like a manicured garden.

I filled myself with courage, took a deep breath and the lawnmower and mowed the lawn, supervised by cat Rosie. Now it looks like grass again. Cat Arthur didn't give a damn !

2. While I was window shopping in a supermarket I suddenly saw baby stuff on promotion and then this foldable bed to a very interesting price, a real bargain. I jumped on this occasion (not into the bed) and bought it for my future grandson. I find it very cute and very practical because it doesn't take a lot of space when it's folded.

3. I subscribed for acqua gym courses in this very nice place and had not only fun but was also feeling like a new born baby when it was finished. There are only ladies although it should be mixed, but apparently men like their big bellies more then women.

4. One evening I opened the fridge to take out some ice cream and noticed that everything in the freezer compartment had melted. The fridge had died after probably 15 years or so. Of course in summer it should be very annoying being without a fridge ! But I could put the whole content on our terrace and gave some things to my neighbor to put it in her fridge. It was cooler outside then in our basement ! Call it a months of August !

And finally the new one was installed.

5. During my round trip through Morocco I met two very nice young french girls who were also doing the round trip. Despite the big age difference, (they both were beginning 20) we had a lot of fun together. They sent me this picture yesterday. What a nice souvenir of my holidays.

and if ever they see my post today I sent them big "bisous"


Anonymous said...

Atta boy Arthur. That's what I would do LOL. You just cracked me up with the agua gym classes and the men LOL. Cute picture with you and the two French girls. Great FFF :)

claudie said...

Nice you found this cute baby bed so practical!!! And thanks to share with us this photo with the two french girls! I met a woman in Paris at the hostel we were with Anaïs who went in Vietnam. We took the dinner together and she told to us about this place she flys to for the 6 th mal. She gave me her mail adress and now I enjoy to have news if she can have a connection from her hostel!!! Meetings are great with internet!

Jo said...

Cute new baby bed, Gattina. Believe me, it is necessary for grandparents to have this and a feeding chair in their home. I love the look of your aqua classes. Hoot at the men liking their bellies more than women. What a lovely photo of you and your previous travel-companions. This morning in the Supermarket here in Khartoum, I spotted a "youngish" guy wearing a tee-shirt which slogan was of a game park/restcamp in South Africa. So I called across to him: "Are you South African?" expecting to start a conversation. But all he said was "yeah" and gave no indication of wanting to meet us. South Africans are scarce in Khartoum so when we see them, we always start a conversation. To date, (only met two others on two seperate occasions) not one has reciprocated. So good on you for having such fun with your French lasses. Have a wonderful weekend. Jo

Maribeth said...

Isn't that always the way? The fridge dies in the warmth of the summer and not the cold of the winter! Have you found a new one yet?

TorAa said...

That bed is very practical and easy to move around. I know, since my grandson allready have one. It was brought here and there, used even on the Beach in Turkey...

Nice 5 on Fridays.

btw. Just posted a link to a presentation of Kongsvinger Fortress and Nordic History you never has seen before

The Chair Speaks said...

I like your garden with yellow and white flowers. My hero Arthur says summer is for sleeping and lazing around not mowing the lawn! LOL!

Glad you got a new fridge. Those days when we were young, our parents did not have one and we could live without it.

Melli said...

I'M in the market for an adorable little bed like that too! Luz would be sO sad that you mowed over all her pretty little yellow flowers! She LOVES some dandelions! We have a new indoor pool in town, and I plan to sign up for water aerobics this fall and winter! I can't wait!

wenn said...

great friends..

Loree said...

You crack me up - men like their fat bellies more than women LOL That's a cute baby bed you found.

Gledwood said...

Hi Gattina

We used to have daisies and clover in our lawn. On hot summer afternoons it was buzzing with bumblebees. I hated it when my Dad cut the grass. I couldn't see why. It wasn't like your dandelion lawn, grass with weeds, it was like a mini meadow and the bees loved it.

You know I thought that swimming pool was in your house for a moment!

Come and see my Koboldfl├╝chtender Feldhamster!

Jingle said...

amazing post.
love your smile.