1 Aug 2010


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Since the heat wave 10 days ago, summer has disappeared after a heavy thunderstorm. It became cool and grey. We had to take our cardigans out again and the ombrellas too. Of course I catched a cold and had to stay home.

Yesterday I felt better and summer showed its nose again. Not very much but still to allow to put our jungle (garden) in order.

There were these terrible dandelions growing everywhere. Last year I had put a special product to kill them and had tried to pull them out, with the result that they still grow with pleasure and like my grass.

I mowed the lawn, this has become my job now, since Mr. G suffers arthritis. Fortunately the lawn has a handkerchief size and it's quickly done. The grass we have to put in special paper bags provided from the city against money of course.

Now it looked clean again, although quiet dry which is rather strange as it had rained the last week but apparently not enough.

The entrance I had cut by a professional gardener, because the bushes are so thick and high so that I can't do it. This year it grows like hell and it's already the second time I had to have it cut. Otherwise you can't get through to our entrance. Usually I have it done twice a year in spring and autumn.

The bell hangs at the door during summer because when I am sitting outside I don't hear the
door bell.

Rosie was my little helper, she loves the smell of freshly cut grass and I too !


Trotter said...

Hi Gattina! I see you're enjoying summer; keep it going... ;)

There is a weird post at Blogtrotter Two... Enjoy and have a great Sunday and a gorgeous week ahead!

Maribeth said...

Hubby does my garden as well. But he is nice and tall and can trim any trees or hedges that need to be done.

Robin said...

What a lush backyard you have, everything is such a deep green. Glad the weather's warmed up and you're feeling better again.

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diane said...

Hope you are feeling better. Mowing the lawn, that will keep you fit.

A Lady's Life said...

Love Rosie :) I got you some pics on my blog from last nights Festival of lights we had in Vancouver.

Tinsie said...

Uh oh. Hope summer comes back soon. It's been fine over here. A bit cloudier and cooler, but still warm and dry :-)