17 Feb 2020




Saturday for the moment is cleaning day. My interim Cleaning lady is so kind and comes Saturday mornings, she works for a friend and does me this favour because my dear Maria is still in Ireland helping her daughter with the newborn baby boy.

I don't have much to do, but moving from my room to the living room and Mr. G. is also pushed around. We both had a lot of computer work to do, he was busy the whole day with a back up of the back up so now we are protected twice and probably also in the clouds if the storm hasn't blown them away.

I had found a new photo program and played around. My picture of the Waterloo church looks nearly like a van Gogh !

Of course I was also looking for apartments, I know it is far too early, the house has first to be sold, but I just want to see what is on the market and am satisfied with what is on offer. Exactly what we need. There is quite a choise probably because the banks don't give a lot or nothing of interest, so people with money invest in buildings and rent. Good for me because at our age we don't want to buy anymore and have paper troubles, when you rent, you close the door and just walk away on holidays and all repairs are for the owner !

We are awaiting another storm for the weekend which means that we are again prisoners, and we wanted to see a medivial festival which was cancelled due to the arriving storm and all parks and woods are closed again. I wonder when we are going back to normal weather again, maybe I should write a letter to Greta xxxx.

And punctionally  during the night storm Dennis arrived ! Fortunately I didn't hear anything only in the early morning I heard the wind howl around the house. I got up and checked if there were damages, but fortunately there was nothing at all.

It lasted the whole day ! Fortunately we were invited by Nicole, her cousin a retired pastry chef was happy to show us how to make meringues. The girls were very interested, I prefer to eat and not to make them but at least I could do some photos !

He showed how to make one and then the others tried too, except Mr. G and I, we are not so for sweet things and also too lazy. But it was interesting to see how easy it was to do them.

The cousin made the first one, the man in red is Mr. G. who watched and probably waited for the moment when he could eat them.

We had a real funny afternoon while outside the storm raged. The meringues tasted delicious. Certainly a big difference to the once you buy in a bakery.

The men in the kitchen and Isis watching Dennis the storm !


  1. Dennis wasn't as bad as Ciara was, at least not here. It is still really windy here though.
    I love making meringues and I love eating them. With a bit of cream or raspberry sauce... Mmmmmm

  2. The kitty is so pretty, and those eyes are amazing!

  3. Awww on the kitties. Cute.

    We had heavy winds for several days last week. It was awful.

    The pastries look amazing. What fun.

    Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Awww Monday and week, Gattina. ♥

  4. I'm very impressed by the collage with your portraits! Like them all.
    Good pastry makes us forget a bit about the winds going on outside, and about other daily cares (cleaning lady, selling a house, renting a house etc...).

  5. Beautiful photos and art. Amazing cat and pup too, and those meringues look amazing! I don't blame Mr. G. for being ready to chow down on those desserts!

  6. It's true that the church looks like a Van Gogh. It's very beautiful and colourful. Maybe you can start selling digital art. I am sure there are people that would buy it.

  7. Fun way to spend a stormy day! I used to bake (with four growing children, just about had to) and I actually enjoyed it then. But it has been half a century ago, more or less, since those days. We don’t need the sugar or the calories these days. Now, I would be, like you, the photographer!

  8. You wonder what Isis is thinking.


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