19 Feb 2020


Since this morning I was ready to write "it" of but I didn't know what the "it" was. In fact I didn't know anything because I have not the same time as you on the other side of the ocean. When we are joyfully hopping around or working or whatever, the Americans are in bed and sleep deeply, or have nightmares. The Australians are already one day ahead. Must be strange to travel into the future and land one day ahead or loose a day, or something like that.

I was looking the whole day for the prompt and now that it is 7 pm in Brussels it is 1 pm in New York. I am ready for supper and then go to bed, while you are ready for lunch or just had it and then start the other half of a working day.

When I was little I thought that the whole world went to bed when I went and got up when I got up. School of course was also at the same time. At New Year we all celebrated at "my" midnight and not as in Australia at "my" lunchtime and on top at the beach !

Maybe in future I will be ready to write in time and not when I am tired of a busy day when the clima warming has taken place and I in Northern Europe will swim in a pool at Christmas and the once living in the South have to buy snow boots and of course change the time !

Probably by then I will be sitting on a cloud and observe you, your different hours and of course the climate change which goes with it ! Should be logical, because in winter it's darker earlier and in summer later so not only they have to change the time but also the different "saving times".

Anyway you see I made an effort and wrote for Wednesday when it will be Thursday !

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  1. I wonder if the time that has gone from Australia gets passed on to us and then we give it to the Americans?

  2. Yes traveling to a different zone is quite confusing. And jetlag is hard to deal with!

  3. I am certainly not good with the different time zones and jet lag.

  4. The worst thing about the different time zones is the jet lag. It didn't use to bother be when I was younger. That us why I like travelling to Europe best because the time difference is not so great.

  5. And time zones are a Canadian invention.

  6. "It" is all very confusing lol! Getting late here so you're probably already in bed. An hour ahead I think.

  7. I didn't read blogs on Thursday night, so now it is Friday morning when I am reading this. Trying to be helpful, your Friday morning will be a little cloudy with occasional sunshine and the chance of a brief shower, maximum temperature 19. You now know what to wear when you go out.


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