16 Sep 2012


Last week I noticed that I was almost at the end of my cat food stock. Before it turned to a drama and always hungry Arthur would kill me, I went to the pet shop where I always buy the food.

isn't he beautiful ?

At the entrance I was greated by a very colorful parrot. "Bonjour" he said and gave me a suspicious look. I was pleasantly surprised approached the cage and pulled out my camera. When he saw that I was taking something out of my bag, he said "Give me a cookie" ! A parrot who talked I was delighted and while I pointed my camera towards him, I said, "no, I don't have cookies". "Naughty girl" he said, "Dammit woman" (how did he know that I was a woman ?) I took pictures. Apparently he didn't like that because he started yelling a long list of very bad words ! The cashier turned around and told him "shut up", without success.

I don't know all these French words he shouted at me in English, of course this kind of vocabulary you don't learn in your English lessons and my blog also would be censured. It was really very instructive ! I have never heard such a long list of bad words. The whole shop gathered around the cage and we laughed all together. The cashier excused the bird and said he didn't know who had teached him this kind of vocabulary !

When the parrot had finished he said "I go beddybies" climbed in his cag sat on one of the swings and looked angrily at us.

I did my shopping and when I had payed and wanted to leave the shop, the parrot screamed behind me "Go home old goat" !

Well, don't complain about your kids, parrots are worse !


ZielonaMila said...

Fantastic photographs, beautiful bird, beautiful colours. I am greeting

The Furries of Whisppy said...

Hahahaha! This was certainly a very entertaining post but was probably no where near as entertaining as being the object of Mr Parrot's obscene screaming. LOL.

diane b said...

That must have been a hoot. I wonder if anyone will buy the parrot.

jabblog said...

Thanks for the laugh. He really is very beautiful but what a bad boy!