17 May 2016


Each year there is a very big flea market in Waterloo, where many people try to sell their old or less old stuff. From clothes, over cameras, toys, tools, to cutlery, plates and dishes, you almost can find everything.

It was Whit Sunday, cold and windy, but that didn't discourage people to display the things they wanted to sell, and Nicole, Charlie and I went for a walk to see if we would find something by any chance. We didn't find anything, only Charlie did !

For the market the streets and side streets were closed.

A man sang and played guitare

The mini skirt wasn't quite adequate, despite the Father Christmas boot and the wool one.

Warmly dressed for winter and not for May

Lots of things to buy !

and then our walk really started ! Charlie had discovered fluffy toys and wasn't interested in clothes or other things at all. Therefore he pulled us from one basket to the other and we had nothing to say anymore !

Of course he wanted to take out one which he liked and was not happy when he was forbidden to take any !

so he sniffed

and inhaled

and Nicole pulled

Fortunately at the end somebody offered him a little elephant, which then he carried around on the market, while people laughed, and laughed. We, or rather Charlie had a lot of success !

more participants here


Andrew said...

Junk transferring from one house to another. Charlie is funny.

Photo Cache said...

I love flea markets.

Worth a Thousand Words

carol l mckenna said...

You captured the 'flea market' so well and love the doggie photos the best ~ glad he got the toy ~

Happy Week to you ~ ^_^

Loree said...

Charlie always has a lot of success. He looks so sweet and friendly.