23 May 2016


I could take a little sunbath to prepare myself to the upcoming holidays in Turkey. Fortunately it was not too hot.

I had put the new cat in our garden and it looked nice

While Arthur played hide and seek with Rosie, who is under the bushes. Then I went inside, and dressed up for a special evening.

Since a few months I had subscribed to a Facebook group called "Vivre à Waterloo" which means "Living in Waterloo". I learned a lot about upcoming new buildings, break ins and other things which are not in our local Newspaper. Through this group I also found the young man who helped me to fix the garden.

They have a nice use. Once a month there is a meeting in the Brasserie "Orangerie du Prince" and for the first time I went there with a friend who is also member.

And here we are, of course not all, apparently there are over 1000 members, but still we were maybe 30 or 40. It was very nice to see the people life and we had a lot of fun.

Mr. G. had run out of cigarettes, so as a devoted wife without telling him that smoking kills, I went to the abattoir of Anderlecht which houses now a huge market on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. The cigarettes there cost half of the official price, which is of course very interesting for your budget.
I also bought a watermelon and grapes, all fruits and vegetables look so fresh. Here you still get real organic things and not like in Supermarkets where in my opinion only the prices are organic.

The weather had changed again into rain, and not to sit inside the whole afternoon, Nicole and I went to the Mont St. Jean farm to have a coffee there. When we arrived the rain had stopped and I saw that cows were standing on the fields behind the farm. I wanted to take some pictures, Charlie followed me and started to inspect the cows ! He sniffed at them and they were not afraid, they even followed him or were just standing there looking at him. We laughed our heads off !


Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Gattina - the Waterloo Group looks to be a good find .. always useful to have contacts and local knowledge. That fruit market as too the flowers all look just right for cooking and planting ... cheers Hilary

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Charlie is amusing the cows! And vice-versa! Seems like a definite good thing that you joined the FB Waterloo group. The power of social media well used!

Betty said...

The Waterloo group sounds like a great idea.

The dog and the cows made me laugh out loud.

Andrew said...

It is great that there is such a group. Unfortunately some who would really benefit greatly by attending, won't be there because of shyness or some other reason.