17 Dec 2018


This weekend I finally managed to prepare the Christmas decoration. First I wanted to do it on Saturday, but I had to do some shopping and in the afternoon I was invited by Ilona to see her decoration. Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures, her decoration was really beautiful.

She gave me this cute cushion for our new sofa, a soft lady bug ! Nice for the back.

Some work was done in our neighbors garden, early morning I don't know what it was but it was very loud !

For the Christmas market the carousel was already standing, but nothing else. I wanted to go there on Sunday, but when I looked out of the window in the morning and saw rain mixed with a bit snow, I thought I stay home and attack the Christmas decoration.

Mr. G. carried the boxes from the basement into the living room, and then collapsed in a chair.

We put it both together and then I was also exhausted ! The old couple decorating a Christmas tree became a hard work, and for years I made it with pleasure and wasn't tired at all !

The only one who didn't suffer but was amused was cat Arthur who tried to help, which Mr. G. refused with the little energy which was left.

Finally the garlands also hang from one end to the other in the room. No cat touched it so far. I hope there will be no catastrophe tomorrow morning.

The TV was also decorated

and the open fire.


And at the end our Christmas tree was ready ! And we both felt as if we had climbed the Himalaya and I have learned some new "%£@§# Italian words !

The merry Christmas started !

And as this is my world in our world for the moment I link to

Ready for the family !!

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William Kendall said...

Hopefully the feline residents behave themselves!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

It looks lovely and warm and cozy, but I exactly know how you felt; therefore, we gave up decorating a couple of years ago. It stopped being fun. And we go somewhere instead and admire other decorations. (In our former life, when we still owned our home in Oregon and the kids were home and then when the grandkids were small, we went all-out and decorated outside and in and I loved it and wouldn't have missed those years. We haven't always been old Scrooges!).

peppylady (Dora) said...

Lady bug does have lovely smile, she must be happy being there.
Coffee is on

Tamago said...

The lady bug cushion is so cute! What a sweet gift :-)
I love your Christmas decorations. So beautiful and festive! I love these blue lights!

Wendy said...

Very pretty and I like the new cushion.

Loree said...

Enjoy your decorations. I know it can be very tiring to put everything in place - even I got exhausted this year but once everything is in place it looks very pretty.

Fun60 said...

It looks very festive. You can now relax and enjoy all your hard work.

Andrew said...

I understand. Our Christmas efforts are less and less each year. It is hard work.

Jim said...


Anajá Schmitz said...

Linda sua decoração de natal, eu amo natal. Gostei de seu blog. Linda sua cidade.
Quero te desejar um feliz natal e um novo ano cheio de alegrias e felicidades.