2 Nov 2009

FUN MONDAY - To know you better

Mariposa our host this week, wants to know :

(1) Share something which you wish your readers would know about you. It could be something you feel you might need to clarify/ share, etc.

(2) Ask three questions to your readers, and I mean all readers, whether participants of Fun Monday or not. The questions should be generic so that all your readers can answer them and that it will help you get to know your readers more.

My readers .... I don't have the pretension to have my own readers. Over the three years I am blogging now, I made blog friends. That's how I call them and I think they know enough about me to stay friends ! It would be nice to meet them in real life one day. Although it also could be a big disappointment. Some could have strange habits, which you don't see through your blog, like looking for fortune in their noses, or let you pay everything and don't even offer you a coffee, but I am sure the once I want to meet are not doing that.

I don't need to clarify anything about myself, I am an open book and my cat collection I shared already with the whole blogworld !

Now to the three questions ! That's kind of difficult too, because I don't know what I want to know. I blog for fun and honnestly I am not so sure if I want to know "my readers" more then I do already.

N° 1 : What did you do last thursday between 5 and 7 pm (just in case you need an alibi ! you never know !)

N° 2 : Had you ever fleas ?

N° 3 : When did you get drunk the last time ?

Now I am curious to read your answers !

and here are a few cats out of my 450 cats collection. That's also me !


Mariposa said...

Gattina, the IT Guy really loves your collection...he's fond of cats too! And yes, I agree with you, people here are more than "readers", and like you I can call them friends, like you're a friend. ;)

My answers,

1. I was in my bed, I sleep in the day time as my work is in the evening, and last Thursday I overslept. LOL

2. You mean, human fleas? No! Never...but had been into horrific experiences with dog's fleas...it left me some blemishes in my legs then.

3. I'd say that was the first time I threw up, had brandy for the first time and I guess it was too much...about 6 weeks ago? :D

Wish you a great week!

claudie said...

I think it's a plus to meet your blogfriends even if they don't correspond the picture they present on their own blog. It's like that we give a picture of us perhaps this we would want to be but we are not or not at all! when you will meet me you will see that the nice claudie is not as perfect as she would want in her blog!!!
Hi hi I laugh! I don't know really! You'll say me that!
Last thursday, I was gardening cause I ned to be out as the wheater was beautiful and my garden ned help!
Human fleas? A long time ago in Spania at the hostel.
The last time I drunk and became crazy ... a long time ago... Perhaps I drunk a little too much last summer during my holiday with some blogfriends but it was still correct!

Anonymous said...

1: Last Thursday between 5 and 7 p.m. I was playing Lexulous on Facebook.

2: As far as I know, I've always been flea-free.

3: Gee, I don't remember the last time I got really drunk enough to know I was drunk. I'm not much of a drinker. Probably when I was in college mumblemumble years ago.

Anonymous said...

OMG...how did you know I dig for treasures in my nose? ROFLMAO...You are just too funny about that. Okay last Thursday...hmmm was in Nevada with my family out to dinner. Fleas...pffft...hardly...crabs...WOOT YES LOL Drunk...ummm...I don't do drunk well...I know when to say when...yeah right...I have an image to uphold :)

Maribeth said...

N° 1 : What did you do last thursday between 5 and 7 pm (just in case you need an alibi ! you never know !)

Watched NCIS on the TV

N° 2 : Had you ever fleas ?

Not personally but my house had them back in 1989.

N° 3 : When did you get drunk the last time ?

1988 when Hubby and I married.

BK said...

That is a big collection you have there.

1. I think I was at home last Thursday between 5pm to 7pm.

2. Fleas, don't think I ever had them before. But I did have lice on my head before when I was young.

3. The last time I was drunk ... I think that was about 2 months ago; one Thursday night with my brother and uncle.

Stephanie, Mama Dramatist said...

Okay, my fellow kitty-loving blog friend!!

1) Believe it or not, I was in a writing class.

2) Nope. No fleas.

3) Um... Gee... It must have been... Oh! The night we moved back into our house after it was rebuilt from the hurricane we killed a coupla bottles of wine! Yeah!! And deservedly so!!

How 'bout you? Hee!

Janis said...

1. Last thursday between 5 n 7pm I cooked dinner, cleaned up, went for a walk and watched t.v

2. never had fleas

3. drank too much in 1982..never again.

I also consider all my blogging buddies friends.

Gledwood said...

Hi Gattina!
I saw a film in Low German last night... I spent the first hour figuring what language it could possibly be and guessed Danish. Well I was wrong. But the people were living in Mexico. They were called Monomites or something...

The name of the film is Silent Light... do you know it?

And do you speak Plattdeutsch?

Gledwood said...

Mennonites. Got chucked out of Canada for refusing to speak English...


Tracie said...

1. Grocery shopping and eating dinner with my family (how is that for exciting!!)

2. No fleas.

3. Years ago! Once was enough for me!

Sayre said...

N° 1 : What did you do last thursday between 5 and 7 pm (just in case you need an alibi ! you never know !)
Probably pretty mundane stuff. Cooking dinner, helping child with homework, then beating him at a video game!

N° 2 : Had you ever fleas ?
YES! I have always had animals, and when my black lab died, she was so infested no matter what we did that I developed an allergy - and live with very scarred arms because of it.

N° 3 : When did you get drunk the last time ?
I really can't remember. Having spent much of my adult life living with or married to alcoholics, drinking was something I never got into the habit of - though I love a little Bailey's in my cocoa in December. That is the only time I actually have a drink!

Faye said...

I'm with you on the reader thing, Gattina--not advanced in the blogosphere enough to have a readership--just grateful for a few followers and commenters.
I have met a few people from blogs that I'm pretty sure I'd love to drink a cup of coffee with in the real world.

Now your queestions:

alibi? I'm with Maribeth--watching NCIS re-runs

fleas? No, but I don't understand why not since I sleep with dogs.

drunk? freshman in college

kailani said...

Let's see . . .

Last Thursday I was shopping for my daughter's school Halloween party.

My cat has had fleas but not me. :-)

It's been years since I've had any alcohol.

Pamela said...

#1. I don't remember what I did thursday. oh geez!
#2. I've been bitten by sand fleas at the beech. My pets have had fleas for which they were promptly treated.
#3. at least 37 years ago.

Dr.John said...

1. I blogged
2. When I was a kid. Every kid in the class got them or was it lice.
3.Never been drunk. Don't drink alcoholic beverages. Too many drunks in the family.

EastCoastLife said...

Wow! A collection of 450 items of cats. That's impressive!

My answers:
1. I was tutoring my student for their final year exams.

2. No fleas. I take a bath twice a day.

3. I was never drunk. I don't take alcoholic drinks.

Melli said...

1. Last Thursday between 5 & 7 pm I was eating a WONDERFUL meal that Jientje cooked for Dennis, Mom & I!

2. FLEAS! Ack! Too many fleas! Not on ME - but in the house! Yes! You know it!

3. The last time I was DRUNK was way more recently than I wish it was - it was about two years ago - I got into a little bit more wine with my children than I should have -- and one of THEM had to put ME to bed! UGH! Now I say NEVER (and I do mean NEVER!) again!

Lifecruiser said...

Hi friend :-) I'd like to offer you a glass of the very best Champagne: Dom Perignon!!!!

I agree with what Claudie says, but also want to add that we're all different and might see ourselves different than other persons are... and it's difficult to get the grip of a person just by one meeting - even if it's for several days, because it might be in a not so good times in their life? Who knows?

Now to the questions:

N° 1 : What did you do last thursday between 5 and 7 pm (just in case you need an alibi ! you never know !)

I really don't have the slightest idea what I was doing, as usual since I suspect that I'm suffering of Altzheimers light or something similar.... *giggles*

N° 2 : Had you ever fleas ?

No, but I once thought I that I might have got it from my sisters kid, everyone in their school had it. It took about 1,5 hour for my ex-man just to comb my hair to be really sure I did not have any. And it took us days to clean up ourselves and everything in the apartment etc. Even the dog got an xtra bath! *giggles*

N° 3 : When did you get drunk the last time ?

Drunk... hm... that must have been in France in August at the blogger meeting!!!! *giggles* (but not overly drunk!)

I seldom get drunk, my body usually says stop before that, but sometimes hot weather and lack of fluids can make me more influenced...

wendishness said...

N° 1 : haha great question! I was at home playing a computer game

N° 2 : No, I haven't had fleas and my cat doesn't either.

N° 3 : About 3 years ago, a bit longer maybe.