30 Sept 2020


When my world was still normal, during summer and october we had a lot of events going on in my town. This year thanks to the Coronavirus, everything had been cancelled ! And this was the yearly Falcon show, which took place in the park of the retirement home, but all these homes private or not are closed to visitors, only one family member is allowed to go, and it is easier to visit somebody in a prison then in a retirement home !



more participants here, and Image-in-ing


  1. What a lovely costume the bird handler has. We have a bird handler in our naturalist group but he does not have an outfit like that. I thought at first he was a magician. I wonder if that a classic costume for someone who handles falcons.

  2. What a fantastic show that must have been. Both the costume and the bird are an amazing sight.

  3. It is the same here. Our neighbour hasn't been allowed to visit his 94 year old mum in the nursing home since early March. It is wrong and distressing for those involved.

  4. Love the bird handler's costume. WOW! What a magnificent bird!

    Happy Thursday, Gattina!


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