4 Feb 2023


As usual I would say, it was raining and cold and I decided to make a lazy day. To be honest all my days are lazy with some exceptions. 

On Tuesday I gathered all my courage to go out and went to the city hall to pick up our theatre tickets. There is one presentation for the seniors for 4 € entrance fee ! 

This time my neighbor also called Nicole, wanted to come with us, so I had to get 3 tickets. For Nicole it was the first time since she lived in our building for 15 years ! The rest of us are newcomers.

I am busy to read my very first blog which I made private. I started in 2006 and it was surprising to see how easy it was, compared to today,  but at that time we all found it difficult ! Blogging had just started. I was the 2000 Blogger in the whole Blogger world, it's unbelievable ! 

I got this photo from Google and my son picked me out and enlarged my picture !

Finally  I had filled in 3 big plastic bags with Rick's belongings and brought them to the charity shop for battered women. And as the sun was shining but it was cold and windy, I made a tour with my car, without any special destination, just driving and I stated to my surprise, that lots of houses had been demolished and replaced by ugly grey buildings, and also a lot of little shops or boutiques had closed forever and new once had opened. It seemed to me that I was in another town. When we moved to Waterloo it was a charming little village with no Supermarket and lots of little shops and farms. 

Now the cows are replaced by people and the tractors by a lot of cars, far too much for the narrow streets. The farms have disappeared and houses built. I told my GPS to go home, I had enough of this new city. 

I had promised Nicole (my friend for a very long time) to pick her up at her retirement home and spent the afternoon with me in my apartment. That would be a little change for her. Now it becomes more and more difficult because she walks very slowly and needs a walker. The walker didn't fit in my mini car so she took my arm and she could get alone into the car. When we were at home I noticed that she can't smile anymore. She had been such a funny girl and laughed a lot even about nothing, now all funny things I told her instead of bursting out in laughter she didn't move her mouth. But she also told me about the life in the home, there is one very elegant, posh lady who carries her false teeth in her purse and takes them out when they are in the dining room and she sits at the table. That made me laugh of course, she probably laughed too but I could only guess. 

She shows more and more the same signs as Rick and makes me really sad. Her head is still working very well and we could chat as usual and I could ask her whatever I had to know and she helped me. But she can't write anymore and also not use the phone. Just as Rick. Fortunately she has her family, because the so said best friends all disappeared. 

 Happy times


This weekend my son and grandson come to visit me, so I am happy to have them with me ! 

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  1. So many small villages have become urbanized and have lost their human face. It is very sad. And some people call this progress. Kudos to you for picking up your friend and spending time with her. She may not be able to express herself well any more or react to stimuli but no doubt time spent with you brought moments of happiness. It's all we can hope for.

  2. That's interesting how your son managed to single you out and enlarge the picture!

  3. Wow, you really were in on the beginning of blogging. That's an accomplishment and you are still writing!
    I am glad you can be a friend to both Nicoles.
    Enjoy your weekend with your son and Toby!

  4. I hope you're having a good time with Toby and his Dad.

  5. I am a little confused about that lady in the home. Why would she take out her teeth in the dining room. Doesn't she need them in to eat properly? Getting old really sucks for our friends and ourselves.

  6. I imagine your Nicole with Parkinson's is very happy inside with how you and her did a little visiting. And your kindness in taking her to your apartment was sweet.

    Congrats on being a blogger for as long as you have!

    Enjoy your visit with your son and grandson!

  7. I'm amazed your son found you in that picture! I also started bogging in 2006. It's good you could ring Nicole over for a while. Enjoy your visit with your son and grandson!

  8. I hope the three of you had a great time.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

  9. Wow, how interesting about being the 2000th blogger of the time. And that your son actually found you in all those pictures! Tall grey buildings and malls seem to be the way of progress, unfortunately. Glad you could have a nice visit with your friend in spite of her health declining.


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