2 Mar 2020





As usual in the last 4 or 5 weeks we had storm and rain always on weekends and this one was not different. A little less wind but still rain. I wonder from where all this water comes !

It is a real joy to turn on TV when you get up ! Besides the raindrops against the windows the bad weather is confirmed by the TV station which makes it even worse. 3 raindrops become pouring rain.

Then comes the Coronavirus, that's the favourite subject to talk about. Nothing else happens in the world anymore except the wandering virus and the statistics per country which increases and make people worry more and more.

Of course they tell you not to panic,  but they are real panic makers and it varies from TV station to TV station. No other disease counts anymore Corona is the tip of the top !

Instead of critisizing foreign fashion, it turns out that in times of need they are the most efficient clothes to protect you against the virus !  Covered like this you can go out as usual and do your shopping or sit in an overcrowded bus, you risk nothing.

An other advantage is, you don't even have to wear a dress underneath, comb your hair or put on make up !

In the afternoon I hoped the rain and wind would stop and I could go to the Grand'Place in Brussels and watch the carnival parade.

Of course it didn't stop. I turned on the Grand Place webcam and saw a few ants running over the screen and a mini procession of maybe 15 people. Otherwise the place was empty, I just cut out the part where some people were.
Instead of freezing and getting wet, I remained in my sofa and watched Vera

a serie which I like very much. So the day went by and I had done nothing, which is nice from time to time.

On Sunday Chantal had her birthday and had invited our Scrabble group and two other girls. She had prepared a delicious meal, a wok prepared chicken with rice. Before we had an aperitif with various snacks.

We spent a very nice afternoon, mostly laughing which was very good for all of us, time flew by and at 6 pm we said good bye and returned to Waterloo.

Instead of each buying something we had put our money together and had bought this beautiful buddha !

She can put it inside or outside just as she wishes, and dog Sheena liked it also very much, maybe she will become a buddhist now.


My GBGV Life said...

The media is responsible for most of the issues in the world today. The news is no longer news, it is there to scare people and create panic about not only the coronavirus but whatever they choose. It is ridiculous these days.

DUTA said...

The Budha piece is beautiful! Great gift idea!

Tamago said...

Awww love those photos of cute critters :-)

Timmy Tomcat said...

Great photos and we love the Buddha

Loree said...

I think you're getting all our rain because we had the driest February in 100 years :( Yes, the Corona virus is causing panic everywhere and I am tired of hearing about it every day.

William Kendall said...

Cute critters!

Kathe W. said...

I agree with your take on the Corona Virus.....silly media stirring up trouble to sell more papers? Love your posts! Have a great week!

catscue catmom said...

Beautiful photos today, I love the pig! Nothing better on a cold day than staying in and watching Vera - I'm a fan too!