27 Nov 2008


Thursday Challenge - Soft

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Aren't these sweet soft lips ??


When I think that next week at this time I am sitting at home again, with thick sweaters and the heating turning, it's rather difficult to imagine ! Yesterday we had a nice show at the beach, a rumanian woman jumped like a tiger at russian guy and hit him in the face because he had given beer to the little dog of the hairdresser ! Two waiters had to hold her back otherwise she would have killed the guy. We found this behaviour a little overreacted, especially because the dog was known as a beer lover, but then she came to me and explained in a perfect german, that this morning when she got up she had promised herself to hit a russian ! She said they had annoyed her enough during the 3 weeks she stayed here and now she had to to it ! Her german husband looked at me and turned his eyes to heaven ... You see we have action every day !

at the beach,

the parc

the terrace

and my friend Camel Coco


Anonymous said...

Coco is lovely, I bet you are going to miss him just like the sunshine and warmth of your vacation!!
I guess Russians have a way to make themselves unpopular... ha!
Your pictures are wonderful, particularly because they are not crowded! I know, I love being with people but can't stand crowded places, beginning with the beach. I wouldn't move from that shady place, it looks very inviting!! Enjoy the submarine tour!

Melli said...

LOL! That top photo really did make me lol! That is one adorable camel!

I was just wondering this morning how much longer you have in Egypt. This has been a GREAT vacation for you!

Imagine now, if that woman had woken up yesterday morning, and instead of deciding to HIT a Russian, she had decided to FORGIVE all Russians? That is the difference between a hostile society and a peaceful society. It's in the "decisions" we make! (but then you wouldn't have had as much to blog about...)

Far Side of Fifty said...

Wonderful photographs! Enjoy that sunshine ! :)

PJ said...

CoCo is very sweet!
Your vacation pics are just...well..dreamy!

Liz Hinds said...

oh my, she must have been really p****d off at those germans!!

Liz Hinds said...

Russians!! Not Germans!

Dr.John said...

You know that's the trouble with the world too many people deciding to hurt those who annoy them.
I loved the pictures. You will have those and the memories when your back where it is cold.

Anonymous said...

Those lips are made for kissing *mwah*

Ich hoffe, Du hast viel SpaƟ im Urlaub!!!
Komm heile wieder und bring Sonne mit! Hier schneit's und ich frier mir den A... ab.