24 Nov 2008


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Today is Fun Monday but I couldn't find out who is the host this week and what he/she wants. Holiday time is counted ! So I continue our daily holiday experiences. I don't talk about the weather because it is so wonderfully boring, each morning I open the window and see a blue sky and feel the warm air.

Yesterday evening we had to return to our pharmacy to buy some stuff against the moskitos because they love us very much. I also bought two boxes of the antibiotics the pharmacist had given me because they were really very good and also the completely natural sirop out of plants had been very efficient. Chantal wanted to buy it too because it is really very cheap. The funniest thing is that you also have to haggle in a pharmacy ! Not for so serious medication as I had bought because the prices are indicated, but for all other things. We listened to a young German father who haggled in his best english for a good price for pampers ! We had our share of fun !

We then wanted to cross the two way boulevard, but this is a very dangerous adventure ! Make your testament, close your eyes and run over. If you are still alive on the other side, you made it ! Nobody stops, nobody even drives a little more slowly they all horn and you fear for your life. Chantal with her crutches couldn't walk that quick but nobody cared. Finally I lost my temper, I took one of the crutches and smashed it on the roof of a car who just cut us the way. The guy didn't even stop ! But the others who followed let us go ! On the way back I asked a policemen to walk us over the street what he did with pleasure, but even at him they horned and flashed with lights !! At least we had done our shopping of little gifts to offer to friends, not to my family who especially had requested not to buy anything !

This picture of the boulevard was taken early morning so there wasn't a lot of traffic


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In a jewelery shop you could buy these "beautiful" rings !

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I took these pictures one evening in the restaurant of our hotel. It's just beautiful what they carved out of fruits and vegetables.


MaR said...

Cross the street at your own risk, it sounds terrifying but I have heard of places where it is just like that...
Can't believe haggle is also practiced at the pharmacist!! that is something I never heard of!
Beautiful fruit carving! can't use the same word for the rings, though :)
Enjoy another day of rest and relax!

Hootin' Anni said...

Hi Gattina. I can't believe I haven't been here to visit with you and catch up on what you've been doing on your Egyptian holiday!! I bet that trip just crossing the street was a dangerous adventure indeed!!! Haggling at the pharmacy? Whoa...interesting. Love the jewels!!

It's warm here too!! We had a cloudy day but it didn't get too cold. And the skies are clear and blue and sunny this morning!!

Happy Monday.

Melli said...

I have heard such horror stories about traffic and being a pedestrian in such countries! I'm sure I would never get anywhere because I am very used to civilized behavior about driving and walking with traffic lights! (not that all Americans are civilized drivers - but surely way better than SOME other countries!) That's insane!

I LOVE the fruit & veggie carvings -- so cool!

Sandra said...

The rings and earrings look interesting.... did you get any? the fruit looks so good I want to try it, did you? What a street that is and I suppose there aren't any shops on this side either.... too bad

Dr.John said...

It looks like you are enjoying your time.
Don't take the antibiotics if you don't really need them. If you over use them the bugs become resistant and they won't work the next time.
I loved the pictures.

Anonymous said...

Phew! I don't want to cross that street at all. What are they thinking. Hm, not thinking, right? *giggles*

Haggling in a pharmacy seems like a really interesting experience, that one I'd like!

The rings seem like something for the youngsters, I'll stay with the wonderfully carved fruits!!!

Anonymous said...

Wonderfully boring weather... Hm. You can have ALL my snow! *giggles*