25 Nov 2008


Most of the Russian public has left and now we have much less to look at. The lines at the buffet are normal and the plates on the tables too. People are friendly together although they don't understand each other at all because they only speak East European languages and no english because English wasn't teached in schools. There was the "cold" war for years. Some of them speak little french this language was considered as the diplomatic language and teached in some schools. We spent our days at the beach and are so tired in the evening that usually at 9.30 we are already in bed and sleeping ! Swimming, sunshine and eating takes a lot of energy !

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more participants at The Teach

One of the red bushes in the hotel garden

more participants here

Hurghada by day,

a corner in our hotel

the entrance

a craftman

little street in the evening


Anonymous said...

Hi to Hurghada, Gattina!
That looks wonderful and warm there. Here it is cold, by -1,6°C. But you miss the first snow!
Have a great trip!

Anonymous said...

Glad it's a bit quieter now and the artisan can resume his works...
It looks lovely, Gattina. Stay safe and warm. Even in Spain it's snowing these days, brrrrr!
And I also think my camera is a Montagskind... Since it was the second repair, this time they picked it up directly from my home and will be also so delivered. I have another year under guarantee and will exercise my rights as consumer!! Jawohl!
Have a wonderful, lazy day!

Catherine said...

Still in Egypt!!!
Come back Gattina, it's weather of Christmas here. Be careful when you'll get out of the plane!
Mr Gattino will bring you a coat!

Nice Ruby Tuesday from a place where there are still flowers! Here, we need Christmas trees.

What do you mean by "don't try to improve the world?" Chatting in comments is improving the world, no?

Deana said...

It all looks wonderful. I don't blame you for hitting the bed early. I did the same thing when we were gone.

Louise said...

An intriguing and beautiful corner of your world! Very nice post!

Pamela said...

Makes me wish I could just tag along....

kjpweb said...

Very nice! The Middle East is fascinating!
Cheers, Klaus

Catherine said...

No need to publish that Gattina.
That's what is written on the top when we post a comment on your blog "writer cramps".
"Anonymous gents .......Don't try to improve the world..."

Maribeth said...

How wonderful that you are still on vacation. Unfortunately we are home to the cold, snow/sleet and rain! But the doggies are happy to see us!

Sylvia K said...

Marvelous pictures! Sounds like a fun vacation!
Thanks for sharing!

Dianne said...

I really like the craftsman shot and the night photo

looks like such an adventure

Lilli & Nevada said...

Oh these are great shots that is one big hotel lobby and i love the colorful street stuff.

Melli said...

I realllly want to come there! WHAT was that craftsman working on? It looks fabulous!

Anonymous said...

Very nice - are those rugs in the last picture? The colors are lovely.