16 May 2009


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On thursdays I pick up Yanouk for a long walk. His mom is babysitting her grandson. When I open the door and put on his leash, he takes it in his mouth and leads me to the sidewalk. There he decides in which direction we would go. As I have no other plans I just let him walk me. At the beginning I look like somebody being on invisible water skies, pulled by a dog instead of a boat. He takes me from tree to tree from wall to wall from corners to corners. It is amazing how many things there are to sniff at and to water too !

Years ago men looked after me because I was quite a pretty girl. Today they look after Yanouk, because he is the beauty now. People I have never seen great me because they haven't realized that I am a different person as Yanouk's attendant. He is the king of the road. Little dogs bark their soul out of their bodies behind safe fences, Yanouk doesn't care, he doesn't even look.

While following him I am amazed how many plants, trees, corners etc he can water and he is still not empty. He always safes the last drop for just before his home. Sometimes we don't agree about our way. Especially when he feels that it would be the way back. Then he sits and looks at me, his eyes saying : try to pull my 60 kg (132 lbs) ! Of course I try, I am almost with my bottom on the sidewalk and pull and pull and he sits there and admires my gymnastic, until I remind myself that I am the boss and tell him that now, we really have to go.

Each time he sees a hedge he pulls me over there to scratch his back, he loves it and if he would be a cat he would purr. Then with his hind legs he scratches and throws the gravel or ground all around. I have to pay attention not to get it in my face.

When I bring him home, first thing is he drinks loudly a whole bowl of water and then collapses somewhere on the floor. He is exhausted and I too !


Should'nt have taken the last picture, it is not very decent !


Mar said...

He seems like a great guy, Gattina, have somebody take a pic of the two of you when he is pulling you across Waterloo, lol!

Maribeth said...

Yanouk sure is a handsome dog! What great company for you!

DianeCA said...

Yep thats the one thing the cats don't do very well. Walking on a leash...not gonna happen! Hehehe while the dog is happy to have your company. I like to borrow my neighbors dog when they are on vacation. Unfortunately they are sled dogs so if they take off you have to hold on for dear life...or maybe its better to let them go cause you can't keep up!!

Melli said...

Sounds like the walk does both of you some good! He is a handsome date!

claudie said...

You have such a great time with this nice guy! It remember me the time I had a dog! Je suis bien contente car avec l'Ascension je vais avoir quelques jours de vacances! et J'ai presque fini d'apprendre mes sketches!

Junebug said...

Does he stay at your house too? What do your cats think?

diane said...

What fun! He is keeping you fit.
When he sniffs at all the bushes in his neighborhood he is actually reading his email.(Getting the scent messages from all his friends)

Pamela said...

I would walk that dog. He's gorgeous gorgeous.

TorAa said...

Hmm - I do not understand dogs, but for the fact they are very depending on a "Patron" all the time.