8 Jan 2008


Bogota opens 'museum of laziness'
The museum hopes to get people to think about what laziness is
A museum dedicated to laziness has opened in Colombia's capital, Bogota. The event features sofas placed in front of televisions, hammocks and beds - anything associated with the avoidance of work. I would have needed that when I was working ! I think I would have been a very regular visitor

UK's oldest emigrant sails to NZ
Eric King-Turner said he lives "from day to day"
The UK's oldest emigrant has set sail for his new life in New Zealand - at the age of 102.
I don't know if he needed a "green card" and has got a good job, anyway it proves that it is never too late to imigrate !

Sarkozy to wed his supermodel lover Carla Bruni in time to meet Queen
Nicolas Sarkozy will marry his supermodel lover Carla Bruni next month - in time for the two to enjoy a state visit to Britain.The wedding will take place in Paris on February 8 or 9, accordingto a newspaper owned by a close friend of the French president. This will be two weeks after Mr Sarkozy celebrates his 53rd birthday, and less than four months after his divorce from his second wife, Cecilia, also a model.
One thing I have to agree to, this man has taste ! Unfortunately that's not her case. But getting a first lady isn't that bad she only has to close her eyes. Finally there is a president who behaves like a superstar and keeps the paparazzi running ! When I think what the prude Americans did to poor old Clinton ! Can you imagine old Bush divorcing Laura and showing himself at the Niagara falls with a super model ???

The older you get the SMARTER you get, study says
They say you can't teach an old dog new tricks - but whoever came up with that particular adage was probably young and foolish. For contrary to the long-held assumption that brain power peaks between the ages of 18 and 26, new research indicates that it actually increases with age. You can see the result with me !

The Empress of Extravagance: How the Queen Mother left behind more than £7m in debts
When the Queen Mother died in 2002, at the age of 101, the chatelaine of five royal residences and with a vast retinue of more than a hundred servants, the astonishing scale of her expenditure - on haute couture, millinery, jewellery, a stable of 12 racehorses, vintage champagne and lavish entertainment in the manner of a bygone era - had left behind debts of more than £7million, making her arguably the greatest royal spendthrift since the opulent Versailles heyday of Marie Antoinette. And I only have one cleaning woman, 4 cats and no debts ! Life isn't fair !

Blair converts to Catholicism
LONDON: Six months after stepping down as prime minister of Britain, Tony Blair has completed his long-expected conversion to Roman Catholicism from Britain's established faith, Anglicanism, Catholic officials said in a statement. Is he looking for a place in Paradise ? I have heard that only catholics go to heaven, the others are all roasting in hell. That's probably why he converted.

Is Tom Mr. Big in alien church ?

TOM CRUISE has become second-in-command of the alien-obsessed Scientology cult, a new book claims. And author ANDREW MORTON says some followers have speculated that his daughter Suri may have been fathered using FROZEN SPERM from its founder L RON HUBBARD. Now I understand why he suddenly has a child ! With Nicole Kidman it didn't work ! She probably refused insamination.


  1. I wonder how that would be over here if there was really a place for laziness. That would be the day!

  2. The French president is getting all the publicity! Spaniards are looking for the local politician who could most likely follow his steps and bids are also taken regarding the possible Spanish model!! All theoretical, but who knows... People have too much time in their hands!

  3. Happy New Year!
    Woohoo on the news we get smarter with age!
    Huggles and Love,

  4. Happy New Year my dear friend. Thank you for your supportive comment on my attempt to quit smoking, I hope I can do it!

  5. Coffee and compiled news - learning I just have to wait to get even more smart... perfect!

    Was die Zahngeschichte angeht bin ich echt besch:ssen worden. Es war alles bestens, aber diese elende Kotzerei hat meinem Zähnchen den Garaus bereitet. War nichtmal ein Loch drin, aber eine böööööse Entzündung. Am Donnerstag gibt´s die Wurzelfüllung. Grrrrr!

  6. Wonderful! I wait for this each week. The real scoop from Gattina!!

  7. And Tom used to be such a wonderful young man. *sigh* Did you hear that he wanted to eat the planceta? or maybe he did...that's when i lost interest in him.

  8. What a great twist to doll news - gave me a good laugh - thanks for sharing and showing some good examples.

  9. So you went ahead and used my picture of me in that white swim suit?

    Thanks for visiting even though I've not been out and about much lately.

  10. I hope the old getting smart is true.
    and that frozen sperm cruise is just a wild story. I mean eewwwwwwww!

  11. Funny we should write about the 102-year old at the same time, but maybe not so surprising, I mean it really is good news!

    That lazy museum would be a hit over here too, all Swedes is working too hard ;-)

    Nice news conclusion as usual. A good laugh indeed!


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