6 Mar 2010


He : You forgot to clean the percolator, the filter is still in.

she : Then take it out !

he : why ?

she : Instead of discussing make the coffee !!

he : But the filter is in !


he : you see, you are always shouting at me !

she : I don't shout !!! take the filter out I want some coffee !

he : See, you are shouting again

she : I am not !!

he : yes you are

she : I want my coffee !!!

he : me too

she : then take this dammit filter out

he : OK, but this is the last time

she : "sigh"

he : why are you sighing ?

she : I didn't

he : yes you did, it's always my fault I can do what I want for you, you are never satisfied.

she : what does that mean now ?

he : yes you are bitching the whole day !

she : Me ?? Never ! you are !

he : I am not

she : yes you do, only yesterday you told me I put the plastic bottle in the wrong garbadge bag !

he : but you did

she : maybe, and why didn't you take it out ?

he : Why should I ? you put it in.

she : But you saw it !

he : yes, I saw it, you never see anything, I have to do everything in this house !

she : that's not true ! Do you do the laundry, fold it and put it in the wardrobe, switch the dishwasher on and do the shopping ? You just do nothing, tell me what you do !

he : I do a lot !

she : Nothing, you do nothing !

he : You see, you are always agressing me, you are bad tempered !

she : I am NOT ! you always just sit around

he : I don't sit around.

she : OK then you lay around that's the same

he : it's not the same

she: yes it is

he : no, it is not !

to be continued until they are laying in the graveyard. Not side by side, because they probably would argue over the coffins


diane b said...

Funny! Sounds like you're enjoying retirement.

The Chair Speaks said...

Better than not being spoken to at all :)

Maribeth said...

I was late getting to a meeting the other night. I said to Jack as I was walking out the door, "I have done the dishes, just put your plate and silver in the dishwasher and turn it on. Bye"
Two hours later, I came home and the dish was on the counter and the washer had not been started!
Ah yes, retirement is grand! LOL!!!!

Anonymous said...

LOL at least they are talking :) LOL

Melli said...

Ahhhh! At least you speak! Oh LOL! I just read Thom said the same thing! Oh well... I say it too!