7 Mar 2010


More participants here at Sarcastic Mom Weekly winners

I needed some pebbles to decorate a vase when I saw that the easter decoration was already in the store ! As I really have enough of black and white winter colors I enjoyed the view of spring !

All kind of Easter decoration

Bunnies and a funny sheep

wooden egg cups



again bunnies

a rather real looking hen

and two fountains for the garden

These were Weekly Winners for me when I left the shop and entered the grey rainy outside world again.


Puss-in-Boots said...

Soooo...how much did you spend???

I loved the wooden egg cups and the bees, I definately would have bought those. What a fascinating looking shop...my feet itch to wander through and have a look at everything.

Anonymous said...

I love that sheep. Too funny. Great photos my friend. :)

Jientje said...

Spring is just around the corner! I bought some new stuff only yesterday! Enjoy the weekend Gattina!

Maribeth said...

Don't you just love spring? The sunny skies, the bright colors! Ah yes, spring!!!

Melli said...

We are to have temperatures of 57F today!!! I am sO excited I can hardly stand it! I am going outside and ENJOY it no matter WHAT!!! I have not been into the stores to see the Easter things - but I know they are there. I need to go shop for an Easter dress soon -- and one for Luz too! Amanda always lets ME have that honor! Isn't she good?

Tracie said...

You have gotten me ready for Easter now! I'm loving those bright spring colors and all the bunnies!

Tara R. said...

Those sorts of stores are dangerous for me... too many cute things asking me to buy them. I love all these bright, springtime colors!

Lifecruiser Travel Blog said...

Oh, yeah! Bring forth the SPRING! I'm all for it! Tired of this snow and darkness, even though it has begun to be more daylight thankfully!

I love that hen, it's my favorite among those.