8 Mar 2010

FUN MONDAY - Shopping

Most of my grocery shopping I do in this supermarket. Aldi is a German supermarket chain, established in most of the European countries. The prices are cheaper and the quality is good, they don't have famous branded articles but their own once.

For long time it was considered as a supermarket for the poors at least here in Belgium. No posh lady would ever shop there officially. But I met them at Aldi and they weren't very happy about it. I even know one who admitted to buy her sparkling water here because it's half price and then she put it in Perrier bottles for her husband, who swore that Perrier tastes different than other sparkling waters ! Since a couple of years Aldi has another clientele. Everybody goes there now, the poshs have also realized that laundry can't get more white with expensive washing powders, unless you want to get blind.

Unfortunately I deleted the picture of the Aldi shop and my trolley so I took this one on Sunday. Sundays all shops and supermarkets are closed that's why you don't see any people.

Things I don't find at Aldi's I buy at Carrefour, which is a French chain. The day I went shopping the personal had been on strike the days before, because the Frenchs want to close down in some Belgian cities which would cost a lot of working places. As you can see it was rather empty in there and nothing fresh to buy.

For my cats I go to Tom & Co. They have everything a cat heart wants and of course for all other animals too. At least here I have picture of my shopping bag.

Usually I go grocery shopping once a week except of course when I need something special or especially fresh. For my cats I do it once a month.

Now I am curious to see your shopping habits.

Next week's Fun Monday candidate is Faye


Anonymous said...

OMG the posh's. Love it. And the lady that fooled her husband...LOL. Reminds me of one New Years Eve. I got the cheapest Whiskey around. Put it in a Crown Royal Bottle and everyone all night long said what great Crown Royal it was. You couldn't beat it LOL FOOLS!!!! LOL

Loree said...

Funny. Yes some people think they are too posh to shop at certain places. I don't care as long as the quality is good.

Jo said...

Oh ROFL, Gattina! I love your descriptions and went back to read your post a second time. Oh how, POASH not wanting to be seen at the pleb supermarket. We have those types here in South Africa as well. Thanks again for a delightful post!

diane said...

Thats an interesting post. How people shop in different countries. We have Aldi here too. Our shops are open on Sundays. It wasn't always like that.

Jientje said...

A lot has changed these past few years. Everybody shops there now!

Melli said...

LOL! The posh's in our town drive an hour to shop at Wegman's! I stay close to home and find that my chain stores are good enough! :) I have never yet been in Wegman's ... I understand they ARE fabulous - something REALLY to SEE! Dennis has been because he designed the ductwork for all of them! :)

I did play your little game today!

Maribeth said...

You know I did this one week ago, thinking it was last week! LOL! Let me know what next Monday's question is. I will be better next time, I promise!!!

janet said...

This was quite fascinating seeing the pictures and hearing the details about shopping in another country!

Loved hearing about those posh's- soooo funny!

Mama Zen said...

Rich or poor, you can find them at Wal-Mart!

claudie said...

I am used going to lidl since a long time now. And when I read my bill I can say that really it's cheaper than in Carrefour or Auchan. Of course I don't find all what I need here and Carrefour + Picard are welcome too!!!
Like by you everyone goes now to lidl or Aldi!!! But if I really want eating a very good tomatoe or fresh vegetable from here, I go to Sanary market and find a productor who sells himself what he products!!! It's cheap ans succulent!! with the right olive oil from here!!! Simple things but simply delicious!
Je suis à nouveau occupé car Mélissa doit faire ses dossiers d'orientation dans les différentes écoles donc on se fait les journées portes ouvertes, on rencontre les profs, et on monte les dossiers!!! Vivement que tout soit envoyé et après on sera soulagé!!!

TorAa said...

We are very simple in our buying habits:
We buy "everyday" food and beverages and household where it's cheapest.
Then, if we want something special, we go and buy where we can find it.

Cat Litters, are delivered by the Door (6 sacks of 20 kg). So are Toilet and Dish Roles.
Comes in packages of 256. Delivered at our Door for less than buying in smaller amount. Hurray.

Sorry about Lisa;(((

grace said...

I am so tickled to read about Aldi, it is generally new here in TN and their prices are the lowest

Faye said...

Hey Gattina! Sorry I'm so late getting up my Fun Monday post. Wanted to keep my Academy Awards post at the top of the list for Monday discussions. It's up now though. Thanks for spreading the word that I'll host on the 15th. Check me out on Wednesday for the assignment and to sign up.

As to your shopping places. I'm thinking that a blogger buddy mentioned shopping at Aldi's in St. Paul, MN. Do you think that's possible? You and I have the same habits--a big no nonsense store for most things, a smaller store for some fancy groceries, and a special store for pet food. Seems to work, doesn't it?

wendishness said...

Love the shops, we have Aldi here too and occasionally we check it out to see what bargains they have!

I've posted mine now! Thanks for hosting this week!

Sayre said...

We used to have quite a few really nice stores, but Publix was the one the Florida Poshes shopped. It still has lovely stuff, but since Publix is taking over the Florida grocery scene, EVERYONE shops there!

Tracie said...

You are cracking me up with the posh woman (by the way, I love that word "posh") who tricked her husband with the water. That is too funny!

We shop about once a week, usually at a big chain store we have here called Publix. Grocery shopping isn't a big deal to me, but my husband hates it, so we are in and out as quickly as possible.

Jan n Jer said...

We have an Aldi's here in our little town of Hanover Pa. have only been in once. Melli mentioned Wegmans...I love that store, but have to drive an hour 45 minutes to get to it,so I stick with Walmart just 5 minutes away. Sorry I couldnt play this week..we just got back from wintering in Ga.