9 Mar 2010


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When I go to Brussels I mostly take the train because there is so much traffic and parking spaces or places are very expensive. It costs more then my train ticket, as I am retired and can travel in whole Belgium for only 5 € (7 $). I don't do any shopping in Brussels, because we have all the stores in Waterloo too. Waterloo is about 15 km (9 miles) far from Brussels.

It was a beautiful weather but freezing cold for the season only - 4°C (27 F !). When I saw that the windows of my wagon were clean for once it gaves me the idea to take pictures out of the train all along the way to Brussels, because this is my world too.

I was sitting in the warm wagon and my fingers didn't get cold either and to my surprise the pictures came out quiet well because I only have a little Sony Cybershot camera.

country side at the beginning of my journey

usually there are cows and horses but they probably were inside because the weather is too cold.

one of the stations. The train stops everywhere !

and the usual "art work" of dirty taggers !

Then start the first houses of the Brussels' suburbs

it's not a very beautiful looking area

here live the poors and mostly imigrants from Morocco

arrival at the Midi station.

On the left top picture you see the red train "Thalys" which takes you from Brussels to Paris in normally 1 hour, 22 minutes, for a distance of approximately 300 kilometres (190 mi). Peak speed is 300 km/h (186 mph) on a dedicated high-speed railway track.


Anonymous said...

What beautiful countryside. I would love to ride that train. Isn't it sad about graffiti? Those bums! Great photos.

Loree said...

Beautiful countryside. What is it about Europe and graffiti? I have seen graffiti deface beautiful palaces in Rome and Venice and so many other places. It is sad.

Melli said...

Now that was an interesting little jaunt! I know in parts of our country trains are a popular way to travel - but around here they really are not. We DO use the subway though - which is also trains - but without the charm! :)

gmr14 said...

so nice pictures.. journey too..
thank you for sharing such work..
have a nice day

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

It is interesting to see some of the countryside. I look forward to seeing more if it for myself when I visit Belgium in May. We will travel by train a couple of times during out time there although friends will drive us to the Flanders area.

claudie said...

Thanks for sharing your trip by train! I am very curious to know the landscape in your area so different from here the place I live. We haven't any cows but lambs sometimes. Nice to hear you are so well desserved by train and particulary to Paris. I think we will have a trip in Paris with Pierre during my spring holiday to admire Yves Saint Laurent collection from 1958 to 2002 at le Petit Palais!