12 Jun 2009

SHOW & TELL - Morrocan ceramic and Berber scarfs

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During my roundtrip through the south of Morocco I haven't bought much. First it was far too expensive compared to Egypt and as we have a lot of Morocans living in Brussels, they sell the same stuff here on the market and sometimes even to a cheaper price. The only really interesting things were oriental rugs and carpets.

But I bought these two ceramic bowls. One represents a little decorative Tajine which I can use for my earings or other little things. Normally a Tajine is a stew, braised at low temperatures, and they are traditionally cooked in the tajine pot, whose cover has a knob-like handle at its top to facilitate removal as on my little one. While simmering, the cover can be lifted off without the aid of a mitten, enabling the cook to inspect the main ingredients, add vegetables, move things around, or add additional braising liquid.

The other bowl is a decorative ashtray


When we went by jeep through the Sahara and then took a camel to watch the sunset, we had to buy these Berber scarfs to protect us from wind sand and heat. First it looked so difficult to us to put this scarf around our heads but finally it wasn't that difficult at all. A Berber showed us how to make and wear it as a hat. First you had to do a knot , put the scarf on your head then twist the scarf around your head like a twisted cord. It is quite long and large.


Ilona helping another group member


And here is the result, the down hanging part you can put then over your nose so that just your eyes are free in case sand blows in your face. It's very practical and airy.


Anonymous said...

You go girlfriend! Isn't it wonderful all the treasures you collect and new things you learn when traveling? I am so excited for you - thanks for sharing this with us.

eastcoastlife said...

The ceramic bowls are too pretty! I want one too!

You look hip in that scarf. *whistle*

ItaJeff said...

The ceramic bowls are so lovely..wonderful pictures.

Happy Friday

Lots of luv,

Hootin' Anni said...

Lovely pottery!! Gattina, I said it once, I'll say it again, you look might 'chic' in the scarf.

Gracie said...

Thanks for bringing a bit of Africa in my working day! Maybe one day....
I love the scarf, btw.

Love Bears All Things said...

And she rides a camel, too. I'm not sure I would be so brave. Does the camel kneel for you to climb on and then rise with you on his back. I love the color of the scarves.
Mama Bear

Melli said...

Now all of Belgium will see you out and about in your Berber scarf -- in case the sand should blow! :)

What cute little pots!

i cant decide said...

Love the scarf. I like having useful reminders of vacations.

Vlado&Toni said...

beautiful scarf, i love the colour :D good for you.. yeah, you are right about the souvenirs.. sometimes they can be cheaper here... i remember last time we went to netherlands and there was this cheap shop were they were selling spanish ceramic plates so cheap..

Pamela said...

you look like the lioness of the desert!~