11 Oct 2021


In 2012 I made a coach trip around Tunesia. It was very interesting and the landscapes beautiful. Some of them reminded me National Parks in the States and I thought how strange that nearly the same landscape you find on another continent.


A mosque

There was a little town all in blue and white no other colors only the flowers were mostly red 

A lot of history

Built in the rocks ... houses

beautiful carpets and craftwork


If you want to see and know more about this country it is HERE and other posts in the sidebar of my Country & Cities Blog...

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  1. Great header for the season! Such intricacy of design and homes in rock or cave dwellings could not have been easy to create yet they exist. How fortunate that you’ve seized opportunities to see so many fascinating places in our world.

  2. What an interesting country and so historical!

  3. How colorful. I have always wanted to visit Tunisia.

    Worth a Thousand Words


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