15 Oct 2010


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We prepared our garden for the winter, we covered the garden furniture, and I took the petunias out of the pots, they had given up their souls. Not to be completely without color in this already grey season, I put some false flowers in and also a little ceramic pumpkin. At least it looks nice and I don't have to take care of it.


Each time I go on holidays with my girl friend Mr. G asks me to prepare him Chili con Carne, which he loves. So yesterday I made a huge pot and filled them in one portion boxes and put them in the freezer. Now he has 6 portions to eat if he wants to.


I had my last painting lesson before my holidays. I won't be there for the annual exhibition, so I prepared my paintings of this year and brought them with me to be exposed.

4. I had a look through my summer clothes and went over to Domi to discuss the things we have to take with us especially a spray against the mosquitos, suncream etc. We sat probably for the last time in her garden and made plans of what we will do or rather not do.


The rest of the time I am dreaming to be there already. There means in Hurghada at the Red Sea in Egypt, like the last 3 years. I consider it as a cure to get over the winter without colds, bronchitis, etc and also to stay in good mood. I really don't like fall and winter.


  1. Ok what did I miss? You are going where and when? You know I have mom make Chili Con Carne when I see her. Well I ask her to. A real fav mine. Great photos.

  2. Bon voyage! Have a lovely time. I shall always remember your story of how the Russian tourists stole all the silverware at the hotel.

    I trust you are packing some knives, forks and spoons, just in case you have to supply your own.

  3. The painting if Arthur is my favourite. Happy travelling to Egypt.

  4. Happy Friday! Your paintings are amazing!

  5. Love the painting of Arthur!!!~

  6. I love chili myself. Your hubby sounds like he will be well fed while you are gone.

    Love the painting of the white cat, I'm assuming that's Arthur.

    Enjoy your holiday

  7. Egypt is a cure for winter colds? Who knew? I've just come back from Italy with a horrible virus so the mediterranean clearly doesn't work the same way.

    Love the cat art. You have a talent!

  8. You need a Winter home in Egypt. 6 months in Belgium, 6 months in Egypt. And then I would come visit you -- in BOTH places!

  9. With the weather getting cooler each day I think Chili Con Carne made it to a lot of tables this past week, it did mine.

    I so love your white cat.

  10. Enjoy your trip. When you get too much rain in Belgim, send it over this way. You know I love it :)

  11. PS I love your paintings.

  12. Oh, I love your paintings extra much this year! Excellent!

    ...and you're doing the right thing going to Hurghada - I wish I could too, but we're waiting for important decisions to be made and can't plan anything before that ;-(

  13. How sweet of you to cook for your friend!

    Hope you have a lovely trip.

  14. Your paintings are so pretty! Can I have one?

    Bon voyage and have a wonderful trip!


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