2 Jan 2010


The last 3 years we had celebrated New Year's Eve only the two of us sitting or laying like a roman emperior (Mr. G.) in front of the TV with all kind of special food you won't eat every day. The 5 cats where distributed on all available beds or chairs in the house and from time to time one checked what we were doing. But we did nothing but watching TV. At midnight we went outside, looking at fireworks of the neighbours, raised a glass of champagne and with the best New Year wishes went to bed. After 37 years of all kind of New Year's celebrations, I was quite happy with that.

But not this year (2009) I couldn't cope with the idea of sitting in front of a screen the whole evening like a one century old lady. I needed something special. Fortunately I have my friend Ilona who is always ready to share some adventures with me as Mr. G. became a couch potatoe in the last years.

My plan was, sharing a nice supper with Mr. G (motto : love goes through the stomac) watch a movie with him, then kiss him good night with the promise I won't call at midnight and wake him up, and then go with Ilona to the Casino of Brussels before watching the firework at midnigtht. And that I have done ! and had a great New Year's Eve.

After turning around in Brussels to find a parking place I finally found one where it was not allowed to park, but I didn't care I thought I would win the amount of the fine when I play ! Ilona was a little doubtful about that, but at the end, my car was still sitting there without fine.

I had seen the Casino from outside but had never been in there.
We entered and discovered a new world. I had already been in casinos (also in Las Vegas) but some rules were new in Belgium, now you have to register and you get a member card. Before you only had to prove that you were over 21. This prove was very easy, even the doorman believed us.

A friendly young woman took our identity card, scanned it and then took a picture of me on which I had 3 double chins and looked like a caricature. Ilona too. We laughed and laughed about the result and found it better then any photoshopped picture of us. The young lady was slightly surprised that two joyful oldies knew apparently something about computers. And then we entered the huge gambling hall. It looked beautiful in its New Year's decoration and the slot machines were shining. There also were poker tables, baccarat, black Jack and of course roulette ! that's what I like. Unfortunately it was English roulette and not the one I was used too, but as usual without thinking I played before knowing the slightly different rules and lost the 20 € I intended to spend. What a pity, I had hoped to win as always and come out with a little benefit. That will be for next time.

The croupier was a young woman who looked like a 16 years old teen and obviously had just left school. I had such a fun by observing her "dancing" at the table, rubbing her hands each time before she took the chips, checking with a scanner the money we had to throw on the table. Then she put the little ball in the roulette, turned, spread her arms and like a priest and consecrated the table telling us "rien ne va plus".

There were lots of people, and to my surprise a lot of women in their 3rd youth. Some of them were here obviously for fun like us, but some others sat at the slot machines with bitter faces and looked fearful at the rolling pictures. A man sat there too with a bundle of 100 € bills in his hand and fed the machine. Above us was a balcony all around the room, and in the restaurant was a New Year celebration with a show and a singer and couples who danced. They had a very nice overview on all the gamblers.

We bought a drink and walked around enjoying this special athmosphere. Looking at some men and women who obviously were real gamblers I thought it must be awful if you are game addicted and there was no fun anymore. Just the need to win.

10 minutes before midnight we went out on the streets, joining the crowd and waited for the firework to come.

Of course it is not allowed to take pictures or film in the casino because of the risk of blackmailing, (you could blackmail the man or woman who plays here secretely) but I found this little video, just to show you the athmosphere.

Proud owner of a new "gold" card

Casino de Bruxelles

Maurice Less | MySpace Vidéo


diane b said...

Kick up your heels wild one! Good for you and a Happy New Year.

Hootin' Anni said...

I love the fact you convinced the doorman you were actually 21! Too funny.

Tinsie said...

It's a Greek tradition to go to a Casino on New Year's Eve. I've never done it. This year we had the sitting in front of the TV kind of celebration. Glad you did something more fun!

Melli said...

Ohhhhhhh! YOU had the BEST New Year's Eve of ALL I have read! I LOVE to go to the cassino and play! Unfortunately we do not have any in Maryland, DC or Virginia. We do have a few slot machines - and I do LIKE to play slot machines - actually, even in the cassino that is mostly what I play! But I would like Black Jack too! I've never played roulette - so I don't think a cassino is the place to try a game FIRST time! I so wish I could come pal around with you and Ilona!

Anonymous said...

Poor Mr. G being a couch potato LOL. Too funny. You know if anyone would do something like this it would be you 3 double chins and all ROFLMAO!!! Sorry you didn't win...you are one of the few that ever leaves a casino saying that they didn't win. You know how it goes, most say they won. I can also picture you parking your car where it wasn't suppose to be and saying oh well. It's staying there LOL. This post is just another example of why you are so loved and so unique. It's your get up and go attitude. Love it. Have a wonderful Saturday :)

Kathy said...

What a great New Year's Eve plan!
Happy New Year...Kathy

Vlado&Toni said...

sorry to hear that you lost your 20€ at least you had a wonderful time and that is much more better than losing more money :)

Maribeth said...

Well that is terrific. This year we had such a quiet New Years and I was very bored with it. I usually make a fine meal, and then we celebrate with fine champagne. This year it was nothing special and cheap champagne.
I think it was my poor attitude. I have been depressed about my eye. But today I have decided to cheer up, even if I remain blind!

Janis said...

Sounds like you n Ilona had a great time...nothing like having a good laugh with a girlfriend.