28 Dec 2009

FUN MONDAY - Christmas tree decoration

I am your host today. As Christmas is just behind us, and New Year ahead, I thought I make it short and easy, and here is my proposition :

Take a picture of one Christmas ornament which you love the most, explain why, and if you don't have any explanations it's also OK. For those who haven't celebrated Christmas, just take a picture of something else you love as decoration.

If you are not at home, just show us the ornament or decoration you like the most at your hosts place.

We didn't spend Christmas at home and therefore had a real little Christmas tree for which I had to buy also little ornaments. The once I had were far too big.

our mini tree

and one of these little angels, which I found so cute. They are together with golden lttle balls and hearts

and the big Christmas tree our son had put up at his inlaws place where we celebrated all together

and there I loved the most the illuminated icicles.

The host for next week January 4 is Mariposa who kindly will devote herself again !


Mariposa said...

That angel is sooo cute! And I love both trees! Thanks for hosting Fun Monday, if nobody volunteered for next week's yet, I can do it. :)

Happy New Year!

claudie said...

Your son did a marvelous Xmas tree! The little angel is adorable! And now have great great time waiting le Jour de l'An!!!!

Sayre said...

Oh, I'm with you. I really like those illuminated icicles! I could do a tree with just lights, actually - it's just so pretty in the dark.

Americanising Desi said...

hey wonderful!!!


Melli said...

Those little angels are so cute! I used to have some similar ones - but they have fallen apart long ago now. I do think Dario's tree was beautiful!

Pamela said...

I love the illuminated icicles
If I had a chance I'd only have glass on my tree. I've been working towards that for the past 15 years -- but haven't been able to give up some of the other ornaments that mean so much to all of us.

Anonymous said...

Very nice ornament. Those icicles are awesome :)

Faye said...

My best friend kittyhawk had a small tree that she and her mother packed in the car for their annual Christmas trip to Florida. Does this one travel with you each year to your Christmas destination?

I too love the illuminated icicles on the "mountain" tree--it makes things look magical.

Janis said...

Oh I love the little angel...I have quite a few angels...been collecting them for years. Sorry I didnt participate in FM this week...busy packing up and getting ready for our transition to our place in Ga for the winter. Hope you a have a Healthy Happy New Year Gattina.

eastcoastlife said...

I love the little angel ornaments too! they are so adorable.

Happy holidays, Gattina.

Tinsie said...

Nice pictures!

Shionge said...

Wishing you a Happy New Year :D