13 Feb 2015


1. I had invited the wife of Mr. G's friend who had been diagnosed Alzheimer. It had gone so quick ! The poor girl was completely devastated. She had to learn how to deal with an Alzheimer person. Now she got some help of the Alzheimer association, and there is also a group once a month for people who have to live with them. That already helped a bit, but then she had worries about her financial situation, but this at least I could solve. I told her to sell her house when the moment comes and he has to go to a home, rent a flat and she would be without any worries. She had never thought about that and was very relieved. We then spent a nice afternoon together.

She had brought her little dog with her, and as he never barked, my cats didn't even notice her, because she is as big as they are !

2. Nicole's car was in a garage for inspection,  so I picked her up and while she waited for the phone call that her car was ready, we had a nice little  chat. There were several Theater plays in view which we choose to go together.

Meanwhile her dog Charlie, who takes a lot of space, played with a gum Hamburger. My cats are used to him by now and one even stayed with us although on the top of the sofa.


Our neighbor has his roof repaired and while I was blogging I watched the progress and by the end of the afternoon all old tiles were taken away and now it looks like this.

4. In view of my son and grandson's visit I did some shopping and while I tried to avoid a car which drove on the middle of the street, I touched a pole with my rear view mirror ! The cover flew off, I stopped the car and picked it up. Fortunately it still worked nothing else was damaged. At home Mr. G. put the thing together and fixed it with a black tape, just to be sure that it will stay. It even looks nice.


As usual we had a lot of fun in our painting group and I finally finished my painting !

In the afternoon I went to Ilona's mother to wish her a happy New Year, she is now 90 and suffers from back ache. Now she wants to have a surgery at her spine, and we both tried to dissuade her, but she insists as she doesn't want to take pain killers and apparently the doctor had agreed as besides that she is in excellent health ! I still think an operation at that age at the spine is very dangerous.

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Anonymous said...

It is such a hard thing to deal with Alzheimer's - the disease itself plus all the other issues as well.

Glad Mr. G was able to fix your mirror cover, and that you avoided a worse accident.

I would be wary of surgery for a 90 year old, too, but painkillers have side effects as well - it would be hard to know what to do.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

I don't necessarily think the doctors should decide based on age alone. If she's in good general health otherwise (no matter what age ) then it should be considered at least. I mean, if they decide 90 is too old, who is to say that next year they might decide 70 is ... Insurance companies or national Heath could save lots of money that way after all.

I'm glad you could help your other friend too .. The one whose husband has Alzheimer's ...that is so awful. This getting old is surely not for sissies !

Anonymous said...

Glad you could give your friend hope about her future. That new roof is very interesting. It looks exactly the same except for the color. Glad you didn't have a serious car accident but only some minor damage. Have a wonderful weekend.

Anonymous said...

Yous paintin' is sooo pawsum. Yous be very talented.

Luv ya'

Dezi and Lexi

eastcoastlife said...

I love the painting of the cat.

It's quite risky to have a surgery at age 90. I am also having back pain and trying to avoid a surgery.

A Lady's Life said...

Happy Valentines Day!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for sharing your week with us. I so appreciate hearing about your life esp since you live in such a different culture and country (than me).

I also appreciate your loving heart. You frequently mention driving a friend somewhere or visiting them.

Happy Valentine's Day.

Susanne said...

Good for Mr. G for fixing up that mirror. It's nice that you didn't have to take it in for repair and have to pay a whole bunch for someone else to do it! Sorry for your friend's husbands diagnosis. That is hard news. I'm glad to hear that there is lots of support for her and that you also reached out to her! I'm sure that was a huge blessing for her.

Loree said...

I love your painting. It is fabulous. I too think that surgery at 90 is risky but I suppose she knows best.

Willow said...

I'm glad you were able to advise your friend on the financial matters. It helps to have someone else look at your options because sometimes you don't see the whole picture.
Charlie dog is always a happy photo to see.