20 Feb 2015


1. A rather quiet week ! It was foggy and cold, so on Monday I recovered from the weekend and after my blogging duties, I spent the afternoon watching TV, "Escaped to the country" and some German crime stories, which are always nice, as they are more psychological and without violence scenes and a lot of running blood.

2. There was a nice movie and Nicole and I decided to go the the cinema. It was the story of an old lady who disappeared from her retirement home, where her sons had put her, was found by the grandson and all in all it was a movie plenty of humour and tenderness. After that we had supper in an Italian restaurant, and I had Spaghetti for once,  we eat a lot of pasta at home but Mr. G. doesn't like Spaghetti !

3. I suddenly had an attack of spring cleaning and before it disappeared, I took off all my little cat figurines from the shelves over my bed.

I cleaned them all, and the shelves too of course and now they are clean again for a while.


My son is an "extremist" ! Or I don't get a single pictures of Toby for months or he suddenly sends me a big file which took about 2 h to download !


I spent the afternoon with Ilona and admired the table runner one of her friends had offered her from her trip to India. Of course her cat had to sit on the new thing !

We were discussing an eventual coach tour through England, Ireland and Scotland in June. This would certainly be a wonderful trip. I have to get some more information.

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  1. I think you need a holiday after all that spring cleaning, a trip round the U.K sounds perfect.
    What a handsome boy Toby is.

  2. Oh my, Toby looks so big already. Soon he will be off to school!

    I am so happy my mum is here: she did a lot of dusting and cleaning this week. Next week it's back to doing it myself!

  3. Your Toby is a lovely looking lad and I like your England planning.

    Old proverb, all that glitters in an Indian runner shop does not necessarily work at home, as we have discovered.

  4. Isn't is planning a trip the most beautiful thing? beside go actually on a trip....lol...

  5. question- why don't you want to be a Google+ member?
    Toby is a photogenic little guy! Your proposed trip sounds marvelous.

  6. Now I feel guilty that I need to do some spring cleaning. . . . . :-)

  7. Thank you for taking the time to answer my question about Google+. I too joined Facebook to see pics of my twin grandsons. I've gotten to the place that I spend little time there. But sometimes it's the only way I learn about my grandchildrens' lives. Sad, but true.

  8. Hi Gattina .. gloomy and wet here too. If I could bend down I'd be cleaning out too ... am theoretically doing some clearing out - so far it sits and looks at me!!

    I like the runner ... and yes cats will sit where they will sit ... the tour looks fun ... Ireland will be interesting ...

    Have a good weekend - cheers Hilary

  9. Toby is really a beautiful little boy! My he has grown so much!

  10. I planned a trip this week too!! In the midst of our bitter cold temperatures and all of our snow (15 inches here in NYS and 90 inches in Boston where my oldest gal goes to college!!) I planned a week on Cape Cod for a summer vacation. I'm having fun seeing all the things to do in the area where our cottage will be. It's fun to plan trips! Someday I would love to get to London!! Your grandson is cute and I love the kitty shelf...my daughter would approve:)

  11. How lovely to be planning a June trip to England, Ireland, and Scotland. I've done a little traveling over there but never by bus. It would be great to leave the driving to someone else!

    That is a LONG trip to download photos. But how awesome to finally have them. And such adorable photos of Toby.

    I should be doing some spring cleaning but instead I am blogging and reading, and anything but! I am going to pretend I didn't red about how industrious you were. ;)

    I hope this coming week is warmer.

  12. Be real careful about those attacks of Spring Cleaning. I have heard they can become very serious and lingering and you sure as heck don't want that!

    (A coach tour would be a great cure.)

  13. I can't believe Toby is so big and looks so much older!

    Had to smile at your attack of spring cleaning and capitalizing on it while it was there. I tend to keep up pretty well with the everyday housework but need to do some more in depth cleaning in places.

    The England, Ireland and Scotland trip sounds like a lot of fun. I don't like traveling, but if I did, those are places I'd like to go.

  14. You definitely deserve a coach trip around the UK after cleaning your cat ornaments so well. I love Ilona's cat sitting on the table runner!

  15. I need some energy for spring cleaning too. We are coated in ice here. So burr. I'm under the blankets. I love you cat collection. And hope you have an amazing time on your vacation.

  16. Your italian husband doesn't like spaghetti! that's funny. Similar to mine. A swiss husband who doesn't like skiing.? It looks a great trip.

  17. I have lots of things about my home - but dusting them - ugh!

  18. The coach tour sounds like lots of fun! My daughter is going to Paris, London and Scotland this summer!

    I desperately need an attack of spring cleaning! Love the pictures of your grandson. Too funny that it's all or nothing with your son when sending them. LOL.

  19. Nice to hear you watched again a nice film! Toby pics are very nice! Dario did a great job!

  20. At least with all those photos downloaded now, you can enjoy looking at them over and over.
    I think I'd love that UK tour too. I hope you are able to make the trip and share it with the rest of us.

  21. Getting my ornamental cats down and cleaning them is something I have to do, too. Only it won't be spring cleaning, it'll be autumn cleaning, especially by the time I get around to it! I'd love to visit Ireland, but I want to go to Italy first. Did I tell you I'm learning to speak Italian? Great fun!


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