23 Feb 2015


After having done some shopping on Saturday morning, in the afternoon the weather was so bad rainy and cold, that I preferred to stay home and play with photo shopping pictures and creating new headers for my travel and cat blogs.

This and some blogging took me the whole afternoon and suddenly the day was over !

On Sunday morning it was so foggy that I could hardly see the neighbor house in front ! As I wanted to go out a bit, I thought I would go to my beloved Indian shop, at least I could take some pictures and it was warm in there. As I had mentioned already that this shop doesn't look like a shop but rather like a  house.

I had a cup of tea in the tea corner and forgot to take a picture ! There were quite a lot of people who had the same idea, it is such a peaceful place.

Then I made a little tour to look at all these beautiful things for sale. Jewelery, decorations, clothes and furniture. The little sheep above were made out of shells.

Nicole had invited me for an afternoon coffee.

When I arrived I was greeted by Charlie her dog who brought me a present ! It was a dirty nappy full of shit ! I told him to leave it that I didn't want it, but he insisted to offer me such a nice present. It took some time until he finally gave up and dropped it !

A little later our friend came too, to empty her heart because of the Alzheimer disease her husband suddenly got, but what we couldn't understand was that she will have a face lifting to comfort herself she is 77 ! She said she cannot travel anymore so at least she has a nice face to look at in the mirror. On the other hand if it makes her happy ! It would never come into my mind ! I hope she will not look like a blond Chinese afterwards !


Andrew said...

Lol at blonde Chinese. Have you watched the Oscars to see who plastic surgery works?

Mara said...

Well, that was some present you got! And you didn't even want it...