31 Dec 2021


I couldn't even tell what I have done this week ! I had such a nice Christmas weekend so that on Monday I didn't even go out, it was very humid and grey and cold a real depressing weather. 

The ideal excuse to stay home and do nothing ! Finally I thought I could put my clothes away, which I did. That was enough. I sat down at my computer and looked at the Christmas pictures. I made an album for 2021 and was happy that at least this Christmas was saved even if Rick couldn't be with us on Christmas Eve. Last Christmas my son and family  couldn't get together there was the lockdown. We tried to unwrap the gifts together with the help of video, but Zoom didn't work and Whatsapp on the mini screen was disappointing so we gave up and only wished a merry Christmas. This was the last and first Christmas Eve, Rick and I spent alone together ! Never thought what an awful year would follow !

and that the whole year 2021 we were still wearing masks, Father Christmas included, he hang again at our mini Christmas tree !

Then I looked for pictures for the whole week" memes since I only go out to shop or to visit Rick. My neighbor Adeline came often  around 4 or I went to her for a coffee and rant about the Covid.

The Belgian government had  actually closed the entire cultural sector on Friday. No theater, no cinema, no festivals, no circus, concerts, etc. This time it was a step too far. People had enough.  It was a complete nonsense as the new Virus hadn't arrived yet and the statistics got better and better. 

That's what everybody thought !

You could ride in fully packed buses, trams and trains, but you could not go to the cinema. 

What happened ? Something which has never happened before. The whole cultural sector banded together and refused to close. The mayors of the different municipalities in Brussels and the cities said nothing and did not give the police any instructions to intervene if a cinema or theater was open. 

Of course, more people than usual went to the movies, theatres fun parks etc. The government stood there powerless and each minister blamed the other that they had taken such a senseless decision  ! the scientifics were not at all for the closure! 

On Saturday morning the government got together and explained that it was a misunderstanding, but then had to admit that they were wrong and were now afraid that they would no longer be elected! The whole crisis is used for politics and not just for the health of the people! Of course the whole population was happy !

The rest of the week I spent the same way and I even found a picture of Toby's very first Christmas he realized (he was born mid November) 

and 11 years later

All I can say to resume the year 2021 it was the most horrible I ever had in my whole  life. 



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  1. Your grandson Toby is a real ray of light in your life. I'm sure he'll never disappoint you and your expectations.
    We may have culture in 2022, but the rumors are there'll be shortage of supplies, and even of food.

  2. It has certainly been a difficult year for you. I hope 2022 will be better.

  3. Looks like your country got it right. Good for you.

    Have a fabulous New Year, Gattina. ♥

  4. Here's to 2022, a better year for all I hope.

    That's very interesting about the civil disobedience by entertainment venues.

  5. This has been a hard year for your family. Toby has gotten so tall!

    It's hard to know who to trust about Covid any more. Our numbers in TN are going up. My husband's brother passed away from Covid two days before Christmas.

    I hope 2022 is better and Covid goes away soon.

  6. Covid changes all of our lives. Wish you well in 2022
    Coffee is on and stay safe

  7. It has been a hard year but the brightest star is Toby!
    Happy 2022!

  8. You won't be sorry to say goodbye to 2021. I hope this next year gives you more opportunities to get out and about once again.

  9. Happy New Year to you and yours!!
    May it be pleasanter for you and your family.

  10. Very handsome little man.

  11. It certainly was a challenging year all around. But look at how Toby has grown. Glad you got a picture with him this Christmas!


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