6 Oct 2017


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We played scrabble this week at Ilona's. To our surprise her so far invisible visitor, was laying on the kitchen floor and watched us with interest. We had never seen him, because he was a stray cat and over weeks or even months has moved into Ilona's home slowly slowly each day a little more. And as she fed him he decided to stay. And that's what happens. Now his name is Leo !

Leo didn't bring me luck, I lost !

2. I had to do a big check up of my car, because it's already four years old and after four years you have to go through the "Controle technique" (Technical Control) otherwise you are not allowed to drive anymore. My Garage checked my car from top to bottom, found nothing but presented me a very blown up bill. I think the next time I will have it checked elsewhere ! For that money I could have done a City trip !

3. To comfort myself I went with Nicole in the new restaurant for lunch and was shocked when I saw that another field near the Lion was occupied by huge moles which were busy to dig tunnels and holes in the ground

This will become the underground parking of a shopping mall !

If they continue like that it nothing will be left from Napoleon and Wellington's battle field. Not even a skeleton was found so far or a couple of bones.

4. The Controle Technique is not next door, it's somewhere in the countryside in a mini village. Equipped with two GPS, one my own in the car, the other life sitting on the seat besides me ... Mr.G. He had to watch over his wife that she didn't drive in the hole or run over the technician.

My car was OK (at that price it should be) and now I am free for two years !

5. Our exposition will take place this weekend and we nearly forgot to make some publicity, so I did this photo and it will be distributed a little everywhere.

We have to hang up our paintings tomorrow afternoon.

This is exactly how I feel after this week !

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Andrew said...

It is rare in Australia, but my state of Victoria is the only one that does not have any sort of car check laws, except when the car is sold. Other states have annual or two year inspections. Yet there is no difference between accident rates because of faulty cars.

Faith said...

We have to get our car inspected every single year here in New York Sate but thankfully it is only about $20 now for an imspection. of course NY is THE highest taxed state in the USA wihich is why i would like to move!

good luck on the art exhibit!!

happy weekend!

Lady Fi said...

Lovely cloudy skies.

Jean @sonotorganized.com said...

Cute cats! Our inspections are a set price but of course, you do have to pay for any repairs should they find need. They get us with license and tag fees but we're now given a 2 year option. I'm glad of that because it really is a hassle. Hope your exposition goes well this weekend!

Fiona said...

In the UK we have to get an MOT (Ministry of Transport) check after three years with a new car, from then on it's every year...and yes they know how to charge.
Leo is very handsome, he is lucky to have found a lovely new home with your friend.
Good luck with your expo!

Mara said...

Leo is a beautiful cat. And he looks to be very very soft as well. I hope he will have a great life with your friend.

Tamago said...

Leo is soooo handsome! How wonderful he decided to stay with Ilona! Maybe a treat or two, and he will bring you luck next time :-)

mamasmercantile said...

The last picture was a delight, it really made me smile.

A Colorful World said...

I hate it so much when I am cheated by workers or technicians, especially when there were no "parts buying" involved! Your cats are adorable. Good luck with the art show!

Spare Parts and Pics said...

The "technical control" sounds like a money making scheme to me! Beautiful sky shots.

Sharon Koole said...

Sounds like an interesting week! Sorry you lost!

The car inspection sounds like it was really overblown in price. We don't have anything like that here in Michigan and there are cars that are falling apart on the road! It's quite a sight to see especially after growing up in England where there is the MOT system.

Have a great week! Thanks for sharing your Five on Friday!

Barbara H. said...

Car inspections vary from state to state here. Some have them every year, some don't, some are much stricter than others. Yours sounds much more involved and expensive. Glad Mr. G. could accompany you! Your exposition poster looks great!

Wendy said...

We had our car's annual check done earlier this month. Fortunately it passed with no problems so it was just the usual inspection fee. Leo is a lovely looking cat. I wonder what happened with his original owners? Hope the Expo goes well. You will be busy :)

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

A typical busy week for you .... they must be planning a huge shopping mall there -- over here the shopping news is that most of the malls are losing business due to Amazon and on-line shopping! I'd be quite surprised to hear of the opening of a new one. Neither Oregon nor Florida have auto inspection laws, but Washington State where our oldest son lives does -- he complains.

Willow said...

All your usual fun times--Scrabble and lunches. I feel bad that so much of the history in your area is being covered by buildings and garages. That happens here too, sadly.
I hope your exhibition went well--it looks great in the publicity sheet.

Susan said...

What a relief to have your car pass inspection with no issues. It would have been nice to be able to take a trip with the money it cost for the inspection.
Scrabble is a great deal of fun for you. I want and need to find a local group where I can play games more often. So sorry you lost. You need a different good luck charm.
Have a good week.