6 Dec 2018


Now we are more then a week here in Hurghada and are really chilling out. Every day we are at the beach at 9 am, after a nice breakfast, and around 11 I always go for a swim, Chantal and Nicole prefer to snorkel. I swim like a girafe with my head far out of the water because I hate water in my face.

The water is also so salty that it carries you without swimming ! You just lay on the water ! It's great.
Each day the animation team tries to entertain us with more or less success, but one day we had a fruit festival, which was very colorful !

An "orchestra" arrived and played local music

A buffet was dressed beautifully with fruit juices and fruits ! It really looked beautiful.

We ate and drank and it tasted delicious. The main cook of the hotel is the man below right, and as he is so handsome, he has a lot of success with the female guests ! They are whirling around him like mosquitos ! It's funny to observe them, he only has to choose !

I prefer another kind of holiday love ! So kind and cute ! It's Oscar the camel and I think he loves me too !

I bring him apples, oranges and bread and he thanks me blowing in my neck or just nibbling on my fingers with his soft lips. When his owner saw that we went so nicely together, he allowed me to sit on Oscar !

and Oscar sat still and I swang myself in the saddle without help ! Was I proud ! My old bones didn't let me down. I think that's thanks to my daily yoga exercises, that keeps me flexible. People were gathering around us and applauded !

It had cooled down a bit so we took the opportunity to do some Christmas shopping in the Cleopatra Shopping mall.

It is about 15 km far from our hotel and we had to take a taxi. But taxis are so cheap because the fuel price compared to what it costs at home is unbelievable.

The nice thing in this mall is for those who don't like to haggle, all prices are fix. I don't bother, but it takes more time.The girls bought jewelry and spices etc. After two hours or more, we all were exhausted, hired a taxi and returned to the hotel.

The taxi driver drove us as if the devil was behind him, horning all the time and passed right and left or in the middle so we thought the rearview mirrors would break off. He zigzagged through the traffic and the girls were screeming sometimes. I found it funny, the others not!

Each evening when I return to my room I find another masterpiece made out of towels on my bed. !

It's nice to be so spoiled !

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eileeninmd said...

Hello, what a wonderful resort. The breakfast looks wonderful. The beach and water sounds like my kind of place. I am not a swimmer, my hubby likes to snorkel. The camel is cool, love the photos. You look very nice and happy in the photos. Enjoy your day, have a great weekend!

Andrew said...

Lots of colour and movement. I think it is the same around the world, no haggling in shopping malls.

William Kendall said...

The buffet arrangements are quite colourful! Oscar seems of a friendly disposition.

Maribeth said...

Oh, I love Oscar! I would be giving him a kiss. Such a handsome Camel!

peppylady (Dora) said...

Never a dull moment with you Gartina.
Coffee is on

mamasmercantile said...

The fruit festival looked fun and Oscar is a delight. Not sure I like the sound of the taxi driver weaving in and out but I bet it as fun to shop.

Tamago said...

The fruit festival looks really fun! They look so fresh, colorful, and yummy! I love the photos of you with Oscar. How special you got to sit on him :-)

Wendy said...

I wondered if you would get to sit on Oscar! The buffet looks very enticing.

Tanza Erlambang - Every Day Issues said...

wow ...camel ...interesting animal....
foods are enticing....
have a great day

Faith said...

What a wonderful photo of yu on that camel!!

Looks like a fun trip. You have the best vacations!!!

Barbara H. said...

What a lovely vacation! How fun that you got to sit on the camel.

Willow said...

Your Egyptian holidays are always so much fun to read!
I'm glad you are having a wonderful time--even with the camel!

Susanne said...

Look at you on a camel. What a fun memory. Your holiday looks like lots of fun.