23 Jul 2011


Yesterday I saw a snail moving along the tiles or rather on one tile on our terrace. Now this year, like last year our garden suffers from snail invasion, not the naked once, but of course those with house and furniture included.

My brain always in alert for theme pictures, I thought this would be the perfect model for a Macro shot. I hurried into the house to catch my camera. I ran into Mr. G. who wanted to smoke his cigarette on the terrace.

"What happens ?" he asked,

"nothing" I said, "I am looking for my camera ! Do you know where it is ?"

"No, but you don't have to hurry " he said "it won't run away".

And as usual I couldn't find the dammit camera ! I finally found it in my purse, which was not in the kitchen as usual but in my room.

Mr. G. wasn't right ! this was a speedy snail ! It had moved and crossed the border to another tile ! And while I took this first picture before I switched to "macro" mode,

it had made this unbelievable distance when I took this second picture ! I think it was the fastest snail ever !

I just finished my shootings when it retired in it's house !

I put the snail killer product around the garden because these creatures eat up everything ! Last year I had stopped to count the empty shells at 150, after having declared war to the snails ! they are a real nuisance although good, but ugly macro models.

I arrived in Eastbourne (UK) yesterday evening and will write more tomorrow.


Linens and Royals said...

That is a fast snail, you almost needed a movie camera to catch him till he went all shy and went indoors. I don't have snails, too much salt water around.

diane b said...

You could boil them up and eat them. Hope you are having fun in UK,

The Chair Speaks said...

Know how you feel about those snails. They ate up the whole jasmine flower plant my mom gave me. Somehow I couldn't kill them; I just pick them up and throw them over the roadside grass patch outside my house.

Jo said...

Ha, Gattina, I remember your horror when I told you before that I "save" the snails back home in my SA garden.LOL! Believe me, snails mover very fast. Good photos though. You could use one of the first two for the snail's orbituary! Hope you are having a grand time in the UK. (((hugs) Jo

jabblog said...

It's amazing how fast they can move. Snail 'remedies' can be poisonous to cats and dogs - of course, cats are far too sensible to eat things they shouldn't;-)