22 Jul 2011


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1. I started the week with house cleaning ! My cleaning lady is on holidays, so I have to replace her. I prefer to clean on Mondays at least it looks clean during the week, my friends prefer to do (or have it done) on Fridays to show a clean house to their guests. I think it's more logical to clean AFTER the visitors. The only room of course which has to be perfectly clean is the bathroom, because there people have time to look in the corners.

My son had sent some pictures of grandson Toby which I had to sort out. Here are some of them.

At 7 1/2 months. In this time of your life even the halfs count, now you prefer to forget the years.

with Arthur

with Daddy

and with the proud Grandpa ! He looks quiet "old" for his age, Toby of course, not the grandpa !

2. During the summer holidays of July and August in Belgium, everything goes slower, changes or is closed. So instead of having my acqua gym on Mondays it is now on Tuesdays and also with other people and not our usual group. Fortunately very nice once too. After that, hungry Dominique and I went to "La Pomme" (the Apple) where we had a nice lunch.

3. Before going to Eastbourne for my yearly one week holidays tonight, I had to go to the hairdresser because my head looked like a mop. Now the hairs are cut and are easier to keep in shape. I also cooked a huge pot of Chili con Carne for the temporary joyful widow which I deepfreezed in small huge portions so that the poor man doesn't starve during my absence. There are also Pizzas for him and cat Arthur.

4. The silicone around the sinks in our bathroom was badly damaged and had to be renewed, and as my friend Ilona is a woman with golden hands and can do everything which usually is a man's duty, she came and put new silicone around the sinks and now it looks clean and real perfect !

5. One of my oldest friends, I know her since 1961 (!) came from Charleroi to visit us for the day. We hadn't seen each other for more than a year. She and Mr. G. have the same birth date, same day, same year, she in New York, he in Italy with 6 h difference (time difference included) Isn't that a coincidence !

We went to the Asian restaurant together and spent the rest of the afternoon in the garden. By miracle the weather had cleared up and it was warm enough to sit outside.

Here is a little map for those who don't know where Eastbourne is.
I will take the Eurostar from Brussels to London, but get out in Ashford and from there I will take the train to Eastbourne.

Of course I continue my blogging from there as usual.


Jo said...

Oh wow, happy holiday to you, Gattina. I LOVED the photos of Toby, Toby with dad and Arthur and Toby with Granddad. I think Mr G looks very "vors" (Afrikaans for healthy, upright and strong!) What a coincidence that he and your friend are born the same day on different continents. My husband and the butcher in our hometown in SA, are EXACTLY the sane age too. And they share their birthday with Valentino Rossi (young, handsome racing bike champion) and actress Jane Seymour! Have a GREAT holiday in the sun. (((Hugs))) Jo

Linens and Royals said...

Toby looks so happy, he has a wonderful smile.
Australia is having a census on my birthday this year, so no celebrating with too much wine as I will need to stand up and be counted.
I have been to Eastbourne, wish I could go again....Lucky you, have a great week in Eastbourne.

Lifecruiser Travel Blog said...

Little Toby is a charming young boy indeed :-)

Old friendship never goes away!!! How wonderful to have known each other for so long.

I hope, no I know, that you get a wonderful holiday - I'll just keep my fingers crossed for the weather. We have had thunderstorms over here at the island lately...

...and having BIG problems with the internet connection - almost no connection at all for the shole time we've stayed here - or slow as a modem connection from the 80's so now you know why I haven't been commenting so much lately!!!! I have had big problem just to post anything at my blog!!!

Yesterday hubby phoned them and yelled at them and we cancelled our account there, getting back some money - not paying for an none-existing connection! Now we need to find a new one FAST!

Going into town tomorrow to do that and meet Kari, our Norwegian friend, at the airport, she's going to stay at the farm as usual this year too, but only a week this time.

Happy holiday!

People Who Know Me Would Say: said...

This was a delight to read. I'm with you on cleaning the house after the guests leave.

Cezar and Léia said...

You write so well, it's wonderful reading your words.Toby is a lovely boy, that collage is full of lights, he is adorable!
hugs and a nice weekend,

Maribeth said...

Have a wonderful time and write when you can!

Faith said...

Your grandson is precious....and there is nothing like a clean bathroom, huh?? Enjoy your vacation!! How I WISH I could go back to Europe...maybe once our daughters are done with school and college...lol....

Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

Toby is just precious! Thanks for the map; I had no idea where Eastbourne is. We must see pictures!

Enjoy your holiday!

Meryl said...

Your grandson looks absolutely DELICIOUS!!!

Kathie said...

My mother shared your cleaning philosophy! Clean after company :) And she had a lot of company!

Your little grandboy is a darling!! I can hardly wait to have grandchildren!

Happy weekend!

A Lady's Life said...

Oh great little pictures with the proud grand parents and Daddy
Seems just yesterday he was waiting to be born and now 7 1/2 months went by .

TXDidi said...

What a handsome grandson. Enjoy your trip. You're a good wife to fix up meals for your hubby while you are away. I tend to let mine fend for himself but then, he's a good cook and can do it. Ha! Have a wonderful vacation.

Catherine said...

I hope you have a wonderful week away. I know I'll be looking forward to the pictures!

Little Toby is adorable!

diane b said...

Toby is growing and looking big for his age. I hope Mr G isn't going to eat Arthur the cat too. Have a great time with your friends in Eastborne. Everything is so close for you. No 13 hour flights to get to the another country.

Barbara H. said...

Your grandson is so cute!

I'm glad you got to spend time with a friend, and how good of you to make and freeze some meals for hubby while you're away.

Willow said...

Enjoy your holiday in Eastbourne. How fun to have an afternoon with a long time friend especially one who shares a birthdate with Mr. G.

Susan@FruitfulWords said...

I have gotten out of the habit of carrying my camera and so no photos of my life lately. My family is wondering if something is wrong with me. They would not be surprised if I took photos of a menace like snails (your post after this one).

Toby is soooo adorable and how wonderful that you photos of him with others in your family.

I agree with you, Gattina. Housecleaning should be done on Mondays. I usually clean my bathroom every couple of days. Since it is so small not much time or work is needed.

How considerate you are to make a big pot of chili before going on your vacation. I have never been to Eastbourne, but loved the 5 years I lived in England (between Ipswich and Felixstowe).

Have an awesome week!

Susanne said...

A friend for that long is a blessing indeed. And a friend with golden hands? Another blessing!

Your grandson is adorable!

claudie said...

Toby is a such cute and adorable baby! I understand very well if grand pa is so proud of him!
I enjoy your cruise and can't wait to know more about your visits!