30 Jul 2011


Today I saw so many things that I first have to do some filing in my brain to sort all out and put it into virtual folders.

I did a lot of pictures and found these once quiet amusing !

I deplore that I only have four cats and not a dog ! My postman has probably an other opinion

I thought I should buy these two friendly statues and put them by our front door for a heartily welcome. They look like Mr. G. and me.

This came out when I took a picture of a truggery (which comes from trug, a shallow basket for carrying flowers, vegetables, etc., made from strips of wood) that's what my dictionary said.

Somebody wrote me in the comments that last time she had been in the UK was when James' aunt died. Does anybody know ??


diane b said...

Love the Postman's leg bones. hee hee hee.
Hope you are enjoying your stay.

Mara said...

Oh yeah, I can see the postman being quite happy about these postman bones. Anything better than his own!

claudie said...

The asiatic statues don't look as friendly as you are!!! You look more friendly! lol! I went with Pierre at the mediathèque of Sanary this morning and found a beautiful book about Belgium!!! And Wallonie's presentation starts just with the photo of the lion on the hill!!!!

claudie said...

I posted this night on my blog!

jabblog said...

Postman's legs - wonderful:-)

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I love the bones too.