6 Apr 2019


Since I put my feet for the first time on England's soil, I fell in love with London,  I didn't know anything else yet, that came later. My son worked for an American Publicity Company in London and had bought a house, and as I was just an early retiree, I went quite often there, started to learn their way of life and just loved everything. London end the 1900 beginning 2000 was so nice and I tried to discover every corner.

My personal negative opinion about London started with the Olympics ! London was a town loved by moles, everywhere holes were digged, houses demolished and whole areas erased ! Skyscrapers grew, ugly glass boxes replaced the old docks. London had changed.

Fortunately I discovered the countryside and the beautiful fabulous landscape. I went for 9 years each summer to Eastbourne and loved the South East coast, the sea and the beaches. And then one day I heard the word Brexit and I thought that's impossible, they can't be so stupid and remain all alone in the middle of Europe ?? The Commonwealth times were long over, but in the spirit of the elder or tradition concious generation, they wanted to copy Trump and make the United Kingdom great again.

The result was a big mess which everybody knows. What I loved was the "black" humour in this absolutely fabulous compilation of different very famous songs, only the lyric had changed !

Although the country is in a terrible situation they have kept the so famous English humour !

I only hope for the younger generation who wants to travel or work abroad that this Brexit story will have a happy end. Of course not for all.

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Wendy said...

I just wish it was over lol.

DUTA said...

I like the paragraph saying "they can't be so stupid....." But they can. Cameron had the brains to resign when faced with 'mission impossible'. Theresa May got trapped, and hasn't resigned yet.
The days of the empire, royalty, and even Shakespeare are over , but someone has yet to tell the Brits about that.

William Kendall said...

It was a catastrophically stupid decision to hold that referendum in the first place.

Andrew said...

Very good.

peppylady (Dora) said...

This is great...If they copy trump there will be going down hill. Just hoping he doesn't get in a second term.
Coffee is on

Friko said...

I am very worried about the whole thing, being more or less trapped here, unless they throw me out because I have no British passport.
You wouldn’t believe it but there are lots of people who think they can go it alone and maybe even get their Empire back.
There’s no fixing stupidity. Goes for Trump USA too.

Tamago said...

LOL I love the humor :-) Need it in such a mess!