24 Jul 2017


Belgium had its National Day, the King helt a speech on TV, in Brussels was the annual parade with military stuff and police and of course Waterloo celebrated too. A few Belgian flags were hanging on the buildings, and in our street was none, because nobody knew where to buy one me included. But that didn't disturb the festivities and people had a lot of fun.

After the official side of the festivities there was also a flea market going on, an orchestra playing and a lot food stands too. The weather was nice and the park was full of people. I just wandered a little around and visited Nicole whose granddaughter was selling plates, decorations etc. which were laying around in her basement.

The next day my son came with Toby my grandson, who will stay for the first time without parents here with his little friend. My son's best friend has a little boy of the same age and we agreed that he will have more fun with his friend than with us vintage people !

And fun they had ! Benji is 7 and Toby 6 1/2 but they are already specialists with Dad's smartphone.
Unfortunately it rained and they couldn't play outside.

I thought in order to be all together I should propose to bring the lunch. They have more space than we have to put 8 people around a table. My grandson is allergic to nuts so I have to read the ingredients of each package of food.  I had never thought in my life that in all kind of Pizzas from the classical one to fantasy once there were traces of nuts !! I could only buy two large and added 3 quiches and two fruit cakes. We woman thought it would be for a whole army !

The 3 children had a very good appetite so had their fathers and at the end everything was gone except one little piece probably to be polite. Then they ate 2 fruit cakes with ice cream and were finally filled up. Benji's sister 11, had decorated the table and the two boys were teasing each other.

Benji had given Toby a wig and he posed here with dark and long hairs.

The beautiful garden remained empty, it continued to rain. No luck for the boys. After lunch we stayed a bit and then went home. Toby was so occupied that he didn't even say good bye to his dad or us ! Good sign for a boy who stayed for the first time without parents in another country !


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Tamago said...

Looks like your grandson had a great time! Benji's sister did great job decorating the table. I love the photos of Toby and Benji having fun together :-)

mamasmercantile said...

Sounds like a great visit, always good to spend time with your Grandson. Don't they eat well at their ages, nothing is ever wasted.

carol l mckenna said...

Fun weekend and beautiful floral shots ~ love the children ~ you are blessed ~ ^_^

Fun60 said...

You are right about bringing a friend. Much more fun for Toby.

Wendy said...

It's good that Toby is happy to stay with his friend - he had fun but you also got to spend time with him. Dealing with nut allergies can be quite hard at times.

Claudie Cartereau said...

1ères vacances comme un grand pour Toby! Bravo !