21 Jul 2017


1. Our weather up and downs continue and the week started hot ! The only thing I did was driving to a store and buy two garden chairs, as my son had broken one and I the other. They were on special price and really cheap and when I came home Mr. G. asked me why I hadn't taken 3. I told him that there was only one left, so he took his car and off he went and got the last one.

The rest of the day I spent sitting on the new chair and working on my computer.


The next morning I found a squatter in the new chair, fortunately I had left a scarf on the cushion, because Rosie had used it as bed over night and was still asleep when I discovered her.

3. Our gardener had come despite the heat and trimmed the scrubs and hedges, apparently it didn't disturb him at all. Now our garden looks clean again. I was sitting there and didn't move besides my fingers on the keyboard.

4. As each year I wanted to go to Egypt to the Red Sea for two weeks, and two of my friends too. The winter catalogue had come out and Nicole and I decided to make an early booking because we are sure to go. As earlier you book as better are the prices. I had to change my clothes 3 times. In the morning it was very warm. A  light T-Shirt was OK. Then it cooled down for no apparent reason and I had to put on a long sleeved pullover, two hours later when I wanted to join Nicole at the travel agency it was so hot that I had to change again into a summer dress ! That's crazy,
We booked our two weeks for the 29th of November were happy about all the reductions we got and went out to celebrate that with a drink in a nearby café.

5. It was my turn to receive our scrabble group.

We could play outside, and had a lot of fun as usual. Cat Arthur was happy to have so many ladies around him, he is very social. And when we had cake with whipped cream, he loved us even more !

I lost, Mireille who just plays here on the picture,  has always to bend over to see better, because she is half blind but she always wins !! She is such a courageous woman that sometimes we forget to help her and guide her, she never complains and tries to make the best out of her situation.

more participants at Susanne at Living to tell the Story.


Susan said...

I am sure Rosie was quite pleased that you bought the new chair just for her!

Oh, my, what fickle weather you've had. Ours has only been warm to hot.

Hurray on getting such a good travel deal. It will be quite a fun thing to look forward to especially since you are going with a friend.

I hope your weekend brings cooler weather.

Andrew said...

Don't you just love people who have problems and don't complain? My 82 year old mother who is housebound without someone to take her out was visited by a distant cousin, also 82. The cousin is not a well woman but had caught a country train and a suburban train to her daughter's and the next day another suburban train and a taxi to visit Mother. Unlike Mother who constantly complains, this cousin never complains. There is a lesson for us, Gattina.

Latane Barton said...

I am quite excited about your upcoming trip, even though it's months away, you can plan and plan again and pack and unpack and just enjoy every moment... I would be like Rosie, asleep in that chair, if I had a chance.

A Colorful World said...

Comfy kitty! Oh you are going to love your trip! Can't wait to see the photos...Nov will be here before you know!

Fun60 said...

Good for you getting your trip booked early. It is so good to have something to look forward to. Those chairs look very comfy for sitting outside in the shade. It has been much to hot to sit out in the sun.

Barbara H. said...

It is very hot here, too. The air conditioner has a hard time keeping up in the late afternoons. I try to go outside as little as possible, it's so hot out there.

It's great you found some lawn chairs and got your trip booked with a lot of reductions!

Jean @sonotorganized.com said...

Your new chairs look very comfortable. Cute cats! Our weather lately has just been hot, no up and downs about it. Hope you are having a great Friday!

Mara said...

We finally had some warm days here as well. Unfortunately of course, I had to work both days. But, today the nice weather came back and I spent a few hours outside. However, it's too hot in the full sun now and the other spot is too windy.

Tricky Wolf said...

I bet rosie was very comfy on the chair!

Thanks for joining in once again with Five on Friday, We hope you have an amazing week :)

Susanne said...

It looks like you make such good use of your patio. Those chairs look comfy and Rosie certainly seems to think so. :D

Faith said...

It was very hot all last week here too in New York! Now it is cooler with a little bit of sun poking through the rain clouds. We have had a lot of rain this spring and summer...more than we need! We are hoping August is DRY and SUNNY!!!

Looks like your little Rosie loves the new chair :)

How fun to host a scrabble group! I love that game. My husband always wins though.

Enjoy the week!

Wendy said...

Nice looking chairs and Rosie shows that they are very comfortable too! Yes our weather is changeable too. I hope it doesn't mean summer is over.