28 Oct 2011


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1. After our exhibition and then acqua gym on Monday morning, I fell asleep during "Escape to the Country" which I watched after lunch. I had to rewind to escape again ! Later I took cat Arthur to the vet because he didn't eat again. This time I didn't wait (only 4 days) to go to the vet, I was afraid he would loose a lot of weight again. He got a shot through the grids of the carrier, as he becomes a furious mini tiger and refuses to let him take out of his cage. Last time to examine him the vet had to give him anesthesia ! Usually he is such a good cat !

2. On tuesday it rained cats and dogs fortunately I had an appointment with my friend who just had a succesful breast cancer operation and to celebrate this we went to our favorite Pub/restaurant "La Pomme" (the Apple) and had a Beef bourguignon Fajita with tortillas which was delicious.

3. After his visit to the vet, Arthur started to eat like a horse again and almost killed us !

I was sitting in the living room when suddenly I smelled something like an orange. I shouted to Mr. G. (I have to shout otherwise he doesn't hear) what he was doing in the kitchen and got the answer that he was in his office. But then he went and there was smoke all over the kitchen and in the whole house we could hardly see the furniture. Only the place where I was sitting was almost smoke free.

We opened all windows and doors and escaped into the garden where we caughed our lungs out ! It was terrible. Arthur in his eagerness to find some extra food had jumped on the vitro ceramic cooker and switched on one hot plate with his paw. Usually the oven is covered but this time it wasn't. On the hot plate stood a plastic cup with some medication in it and all this had melted to a pancake !

Fortunately we had been at home ! One thing is for sure, now the cooking plate is always covered ! What a work to scratch off the plastic pancake. With dissolvent used for nail varnish, I managed to get the worst off and the rest with a special scratcher.

Arthur at the vet, the had been plastic mug as a pancake and a happy cat, having set the house on fire (nearly) !

4. I finally got the flight tickets and hotel booking for my holidays in Egypt on November 3, and went to Chantal to check them and making plans for our holidays which means, reading, eating, swimming, sleeping and a lot of sunshine.

5. Our coffee break during painting class was even longer than usual, because we had to chat about our exhibition of course, the people who came, who sold a painting etc. I just had the time to paint half a sky.


Jo said...

Oh Wow! Gattina, do you think it was "revenge" of Arthur for going to the vet again? LOL. Glad you were home. Do you turn off all switches at the wall when finished with an appliance. I have to in Africa because we often have electrical shorts and I'm nervous of fire! I also close my bathroom door when I leave the house as Shadow jumps on the tap to get to the window and I've got home to before to find half the hot water from the geyser down the drain! Thank goodness your friend came through ok from her op. I bet you cannot wait for your trip to Egypt. I watch this space. Enjoy your weekend. Jo

A Lady's Life said...

oh boy gattina!!!
Animals are like that when they don't like something.
My dog would go, look into my eyes and lift his leg on the couch Now I will only have girl dogs for that reason, but I am getting too old for this nonsense anyway lol
I am glad you both are safe.

Willow said...

Wow, that cat is definitely a smart one. He was telling you to feed him often and he wants poached salmon, please! I'm relieved that you and your home are safe.

You've had a busy week with coffees and lunches :)

Hazel said...

You're off to Egypt again?! Do have fun :D Arthur - lovely cat. I enjoy your tales about him. Happy Friday.

diane b said...

Boy that was a close escape. Naughty Arthur.

Kathie said...

So glad you were home when that happened! A close call.

Nov sounds like a perfect month for a holiday - rainy and dark.

Happy weekend!

Maribeth said...

Oh thank goodness you were home!

TXDidi said...

Oh my goodness, what a mischievous kitty! Thank goodness you were at home and able to take action so your house didn't burn down. And what a chore to clean up. The things we do for our animals, eh? But I'm glad to hear that he is eating again. That must have been some good medicine in that shot. Hope your upcoming week is less eventful.

Lisa notes... said...

Glad to hear your friend's operation went well. You sound like you're a good support for her. I'm sure she appreciates you very much.

ellen b. said...

Oh my Gattina! I'm so glad you figured out what happened and you know how to protect your house and Arthur in the future! Yikes!
That was a great thing to celebrate with your friend at that restaurant.

Susanne said...

That Arthur! So glad only the stove top got crusted and nothing worse happened. Does the vet say why Arthur is not eating. Poor boy.

Celebrations like that are the best. May your friend have continued good health.

Barbara H. said...

Wow, Arthur has been busy! Glad you were home and were able to prevent a fire.

Your upcoming holidays in Egypt sound fun!