18 Feb 2022


On Monday I felt like buying something else than just groceries. I also needed detergent and other cleaning supplies. Therefore I went to Action, a big store that sells just about everything from computer accessories to toilet paper.

The special thing about this shop is that it sells all branded items at unbelievably cheap prices. E.g.  Nivea day creme that normally costs 6 € you can get here for 3.50 €. The secret of this shop is that they buy everything like overproduction, shops which went bankrupt or which had bought too much stock. 

This business started in Holland and now there are several in Belgium too. I then walked through the store and found everything I wanted. Beautiful round table sets, a wooden cheese board, socks, towels, paper and detergent. On average everything for half  price even though it's the same brand. When I had everything I wanted, I returned home. 

I made myself a cup of coffee which I promptly knocked over and watered my sweater, the blanket and my sofa seat! My afternoon ended with the cleaning myself and the sofa. The blanket ended in the washing machine !

The next day we had a storm and it rained, I had to stay home not because of the Covid this time but because of the catastrophic weather. I had some computer work to do and payments to make, but then I had enough to stay alone and called my two neighbors if  they didn't want to come up and have a cup of coffee or tea ! They both were happy because they were in the same situation as me, sitting alone in front of the TV,  I with my murders, Louquette with the ballet on ice and Adeline with a love story. As you see we have different tastes. But that didn't matter we had a lot to chat and cat Rosie was happy to have the choice of 3 laps. 

Then came the day to visit Rick. When I arrived they were all sitting in a cercle and playing a game. One person got a paper with a word written on it for example "baker" and then had to mimic a baker. They had a lot of fun except Rick who was in a very bad mood, mixed up the words and it was nearly impossible to understand what he meant. The terrible thing is that he thinks he used the right word and that I don't understand. But when he says that I should change the channel on the telephone and means the remote control it becomes difficult. Sometimes it's even impossible to find out the right word. 

When I came home I was exhausted ! I put on my pajamas and a warm bathrobe and watched a movie to keep me away from thinking. 

Two girls from Facebook whom I know through our Facebook meetings called me and asked me if I didn't want to join them for lunch. I found that very kind that they tried to distract me and of course accepted ! It was again a stormy weather and it hailed a bit, so I had enough time to empty Rick's computer each time a bit, I want to take his, because it's quicker.

Rosie is surprised that little balls fall from the sky !

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  1. That shop sounds wonderful. I could do with visiting somewhere like that as i need a few things. The storm is awful here today. I am not going out anywhere just watching TV and catching up on phone calls and emails.

  2. I'm glad you managed to get out despite the bad weather. We have had a bad storm here today but fortunately we seem to have escaped with no damage.

  3. The storm sounds like it's been one of those two Atlantic storms that made the news

  4. I came home from work, and was exhausted.
    Coffee in on and stay safe

  5. What a great shop! I'm glad you found what you needed there. It's nice to have friends so nearby that you can have them over almost immediately. Funny that you were all watching very different things. That's too bad that Rick got so confused, and then didn't realize he was confused. We found with my m-i-l and others in her facility that it made things worse to argue or correct--it helped more to go along with whatever they were saying (if possible) and then divert their attention away by changing the topic or doing something else.

  6. Having friends to spend time with is a comfort, from natural storms and life storms as well.

  7. Action store sounds like a great place to shop.
    I'm sorry Rick was so difficult, but it is nice to return home and enjoy the company of pleasant neighbors.
    Stay warm and dry and have a good weekend. Rosie, too.

  8. We have some stores like Action around our part of the world, too. try to stay out of them unless I really need something, because I will then do a lot of impulse buying, LOL!

    Your neighbours and friends are such a blessing for you.

    Rosie is lucky to have a warm soft observation deck:)

  9. How nice for friendships when you are going thru a rough spot! We have those types of stores here too and you sure can save money at them though they don't always have consistent stock.


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