27 Apr 2008


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Today I have got the most amazing email I ever got since I am blogging !
Last year in August I have been in Eastbourne at the English coast and wrote about it in my Travel Blog. Amongst a lot of other pictures, the last one showed a parrot in a "stroller" (see below)
Now today I got this !

Hello Gattina
My name is Fiona and I didnt actually have a meeting with you when you were in Eastbourne, but you have my picture in your listings!! Well my feet and one of my legs to be honest!!
A friend of mine who has seen my George webpages emailed me a couple of nights ago to let me know that my piccie was elsewhere online. Naturally I wanted to know where!!
George can be seen on www.fluffies.org under the username of parrotpotty - - but if you just google "eastbourne seafront parrot trolley" you will see the first page that comes up is the pushbike story, but there are 51 others to view!
Yes. you guessed it...Im the woman with the parrot in the trolley!!!!!!! haha!

This proves that our world is really small !!

I found my "weekly winners" with the photos of this little girl. She is my son's godchild and I babysittered her for a day because she was sick and her parents are working. Her name is Camille and she really is a sweetie and 1 1/2 years old.

She doesn't look very sick !

My friend's dog has a funny way for sleeping ! He leaves his hindlegs on the seat !

While I cleaned our Terrace, Arthur helped of course !

and Rosie watches over the cleaning products.


Puss-in-Boots said...

What a cute littlie Camille is...no, she didn't look very sick, did she? But kids have a way of looking and sounding quite unwell then bouncing back suddenly as if there was nothing wrong in the first place. Shame we can't do that when we're older.

Wow, Rosie is big now...isn't she a beautiful girl? Glad to see she and Arthur help around the home...after all, that's what our kids should do...

claudie said...

Yes; with the web world becomes so small! This is a funny adventure! Perhaps we are on photos around the world too! Why not!Camille is very cute! I know the problem for parents who work and have kids ill.Could Arthur come to help me at home! I need some help I visit a friend in a small village of my department today and will have no time to clean the house!

Maribeth said...

Yes he world is very small. So nice to see Rosie and Arthur outside and enjoying the sunshine once again!
I will do my greenhouse planting today of all my vegetable seeds. I will have Hubby take a lot of pictures of me and my dirt!

Melli said...

LOL! Well, that IS amazing!!! And FUN too! I bet NEXT time you go there, you might meet more than her feet!

Rebecca said...

That little one is so cute! :)

HRH said...

Cute pictures. My favorite was the last one.

I love the look of your blog.

Wendy said...

She really is a cutie:) How sweet of you to babysit for her!!

Karen of Sillymonkeez said...

What a cutie that little girl is! No she doesn't look too sick, does she? LOL!!!

maggie said...

Aw, so adorable! Great shots, and wow, yes, small world!